Hire a Professional Heavy Appliance Movers Near Me

July 5, 2021

Are you relocating to a new home? If you are, moving appliances can be very useful. When you get settled in, you won’t have to purchase a new refrigerator, or wait to access the laundry room in your apartment complex (assuming there is one)! This will save you a lot since you won’t have to spend on buying new appliances. For your convenience, it’s best to hire professional heavy appliance movers, so that they can do the heavy-lifting for you. Wondering if you should hire professional movers near me? We are here to guide you so that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Why should you Hire Professional Heavy Appliance Movers?

Heavy appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines are not easy to move. They weigh a lot, but they also have many different parts to them that require special care. If you are not trained properly, they can be very easily irreparably damaged during the journey. When you are try to relocate them in your house (like carrying them up the stairs). You may even accidentally injure yourself due to small missteps, or because they were too heavy for you. Hence, you shouldn’t take risks while moving such expensive appliances.

That’s why it’s best to hire professional heavy appliance movers. They will know how to handle constituent parts of the appliances and ensure a safe journey for your appliances movers so that they don’t get damaged.

Once you hire a company, the movers will show up at your place with all the special supplies required, such as packing material, furniture straps, etc. After pack your appliances in properly padded blankets, they will carefully load them onto their moving vehicle. Long-distance moving companies often have many different moving one pieces of furniture packed inside one vehicle, to avoid movement inside the truck. This will help keep your appliances from accidentally toppling over, preventing damage.

Different Types of Heavy Appliance Movers

Washing Machine Movers:

This can be tricky because there are many different parts to a washer and a dryer. Professionals can help you disconnect your washing machine from the water supply correctly. Help you reconnect it back once you are at your new place! Furthermore, the surfaces of washing machines are incredibly fragile and extra care needs to be taken to ensure those aren’t damaged during the move. This is why movers come with special padding supplies to ensure the surfaces are safe during the journey. Once you are settled in your new home, heavy appliance movers near me will help you install the washing machine properly.

Drying Machine Movers:

Moving a drying machine can pose identical challenges to a washing machine. Many parts would need to be uninstalled and reinstalled upon reaching the new destination. Additionally, the surface of drying machines is delicate and would need extra protection like padding material. This will ensure no damage is caused during the move. Upon hiring professional movers for moving a drying machine, they will probably ask you for details about your appliance. This is because clients often specify the make, model, and other details so that movers have an easier time knowing what to expect. Different brands may require special care, so it’s best to have a checklist of these details ready to go, before hiring professionals! After the drying machine has reached its new destination, the professional movers will install the appliance, and make sure it’s all good to go!

Dishwasher Movers:

Similar to moving washing and drying machines, dishwashers also need to be properly disconnected from and reconnected to the water supply. Furthermore, many small parts of dishwashers need to be handled with care, losing any single one of them could prove catastrophic. That is why it is imperative to ensure every single bolt and screw of the washer is safely packaged away. Professional heavy appliance movers will ensure the small constituent parts of your dishwasher are packed properly and are safe during the journey. They will also help install the dishwasher back into your new home so that you won’t have any dirty dishes piling up as soon as you arrive!

Refrigerator Movers:

If you need to move your refrigerator it is important to unplug it at least 24 hours in advance so that it has some time to defrost! This will be very useful for the prevention of mold growth during the journey. Licensed refrigerator movers will ensure that the electrical cords are safe and that the oil compressor doesn’t leak during the journey. Most heavy appliance movers will come with dollies to safely load your fridge onto their moving vehicle!

Cost for Hire Heavy Appliance Movers?

The total cost will ultimately depend on many factors. Firstly, on the number of movers you require. Secondly, on the distance of the move, and how many appliances you are moving. Usually, heavy appliance movers charge an hourly rate of about $100 per mover, so your costs will go up or down depending upon your special circumstance. If you require more movers, your final cost will be more. If it’s a long-distance move, they may charge you simply based on the weight of the appliance, because your refrigerator will be one of the many appliances they will be moving along the same route.

Final Thoughts

There is no 100% accurate way of estimating prices. However, there are multiple ways of getting to know the final cost. If you fill out our form, you can get a no-strings-attached free quote to estimate the prices of heavy appliance movers near you. You can then compare rates based on the information that you get! Get a quotes is an incredibly convenient way to make your final decision on which heavy appliance mover is the perfect fit. Happy moving!

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