How to Choose A Moving Company: 11 Tips

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how to choose a moving company

Choosing the best moving company could be difficult. When choosing a moving company, there are a few essential aspects to consider, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or renter. It would help to balance several considerations, including cost, practicality, and quality. This article will share how to choose a moving company for your stress-free move.

The practical challenge of moving your furniture and other items from one house to another makes the process even more challenging. However, avoid making it more difficult than necessary. Right now, you can hire a moving company for a fair price with no hidden costs.

11 Tips For Choosing The Best Moving Company

1. Check Reviews

Don’t pay too much attention to the rating because not all internet reviews are reliable. Reading through comments and figuring out who is leaving them is crucial. It ensures that when you make decisions, you rely on your actual thinking and are not being duped.

Looking at the individual who posted a comment and looking through their profile is not seen as an invasion of privacy. Every customer has the right to confirm whether reviews are reliable. You could also look at the various ventures they had.

Only some businesses are flawless. They are all rated poorly, and keeping a negative review up online is a sincere strategy. Take note of this type of review as well. During the transfer, it could assist you in making wiser decisions.

Once more, stay away from businesses with a 5-star rating without proof of an excellent job. They may seem fantastic, but they will make movement more dangerous.

2. Be Aware Of Any Red Flags

During the estimation, keep an eye out for any warning signs. For instance, most respectable moving companies won’t need a cash deposit before you relocate. It may not be a genuine service if the mover appears desperate to receive the money upfront. Observe the movers’ level of professionalism and lack thereof during the estimate. Choose a different business if they appear unreliable, need more confidence in their skills, or need help to respond to your inquiries. Also, be cautious of movers arriving in a moving van you rented. A reputable business will have its own tools.

3. Check The Credentials

A moving company needs a number the Department of Transportation gives to travel across states. It acts as a license to identify commercial vehicles engaged in interstate commerce, whether moving people or goods. The DOT number must be shown on the mover’s website and in any advertising if it is a licensed mover. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s carrier number is another need for the mover.

You can verify the DOT and motor carrier numbers to ensure the business is authentic.

Jurisdiction-specific regulations apply to in-state movements. Intrastate movers are uncontrolled in certain states. For more details, see your state.

You should also consider a moving company that has received ProMover certification from the American Moving & Storage Association. Movers must follow the association’s standards and conduct a background check.

4. Ask The Better Business Bureau

It would be best if you researched how to choose a moving company. You can use the Better Business Bureau to look up the moving company’s history online for free. Pick moving companies that are BBB-accredited or have a good reputation. Look for a moving company listed with the Better Business Bureau if the current one isn’t.

5. Choose The Services You Offer

Choose the range of services you require before selecting a moving company. The move’s location and distance are the first things to consider. If you’re looking for local moving services, your alternatives will differ from those if you’re moving cross-country.

Consider whether you want packing or garbage disposal services in addition to the actual item shipment. Special assistance may also be required for moving heavy, breakable, or priceless things.

6. Your Physical Ability

You may be ready to handle the process independently if you possess the necessary skills to pack, load, drive, and unload your belongings. But hiring experts is a good idea if you feel you need to be more physically up to the task. A senior moving service is perfect when a senior moves into an assisted living facility.

7. Check Out For Extra Fees

How to choose the best moving company depends on these several questions. Are you relocating to a two-story home or residing in one? Moving from or to a flat on the tenth floor? If this is the case, the movers will charge you more because they must navigate lifts and stairs. Do you live on a little street too small for a moving van? Delivering your belongings in a smaller truck may incur an additional fee. Please inquire about any additional costs from your mover that might be relevant to your situation.

8. Moving Inventories Is Essential

A trustworthy moving company will inventory everything you own and use an online survey or in-person consultation to estimate the volume and weight of your move. The estimator has to be meticulous and inspect every storage space you have, including cabinets, drawers, garages, and bookcases. The weight and amount of room your belongings occupy in the vehicle determine a substantial deal of the mover’s quote. Ensure this estimate makes sense to you and is as accurate as possible.

9. Keep Clear Of Blank Moving Contracts

Do not sign a blank contract. Make sure everything is documented. Your collection, delivery dates, the mover’s quote, and additional costs should be included. Check that everything you own is listed in your contract by reading it. You can only expect your laptop to be in the box when the truck comes if it isn’t labeled on the inventory sheet you sign before the driver departs. Anything not listed on the inventory list is not eligible for a claim.

10. Get Referrals

Obtain free moving quotes first. Next, find out if friends, relatives, and coworkers have any recommendations for a moving firm. Ask the real estate agent you are dealing with for a recommendation.

11. Follow The Threes Rule

Never accept the first estimate you are given. Instead, request in-person estimates from at least three separate businesses, as only a company can provide an accurate estimate if you view your belongings.

How To Choose A Long-Distance Moving Company

Selecting the right moving company will take effort, but you’ll be happy. If you’re looking for a long-distance moving company, follow the five companies below. They are all full-service and long-distance movers. And they also move locally.

Although moving can be challenging, adhering to these seven suggestions can be more manageable. Selecting a reputable moving company will reduce stress and ensure you settle into your new house quickly.

If you need extra help selecting a moving company, consider looking at resources from our site. We will assist you in safely selecting a reliable moving company. Or you can follow our above tips of how to choose a moving company.

Helpful Resources

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