Top 5 Best Interstate Moving Companies in 2023

There are some moving companies which help you in between your move. The services and functions of those moving companies are not the same. It differs from company to company. Some companies give only local services, some offer international services, and some best interstate moving companies provide both services. If you want to know about the best customer service moving companies of 2022 then read out the entire content.

Sometimes it’s necessary to move from one place to another place. The move will be within the same area, state to state, country to country. Today I am going to describe five long-distance moving companies situated in the USA. And deliver the best-customized services. Choose the best professional moving company on this list.

International Van Lines Moving Companies

International Van Lines is the best for an overall best interstate move and we selected International Van Lines as the best interstate moving company on this list. In 2000 International Van Lines was established. Today IVL is one of the largest private moving companies in the USA. They handle over 10,000 moves per year. They are a reputed company in the moving industry. It is now considered one of the best interstate moving companies. Whether domestically or overseas moving, IVL can help one.

best interstate moving companies

Functions of International Van line

Out-of-State Movers –

This gives one the opportunity of the best interstate moving out of state. It helps move from one country to another country. It also reduces the problem of running out of state.

International Moving –

The International Van line is best for long-distance movers. It provides excellent services for international moving.

Local Moving –

International Van line also allows local moving. To shift from one place to another place within the local area, the International Van line offers an excellent rate.

Moving Franchise –

International Van line also allows franchise moving. Here packing the goods very carefully.

The international van line is one of the best interstate moving companies in the business without any doubt. It is swift and efficient. Bulky goods like furniture move across the country without a scratch on anything, which is rare. It is recommended for an interstate move. They provide excellent customer service at a low price. It is swift and secure.

Why is International Van Line Best?

  • It provides occasional promotions.
  • It provides short- and long-term storage options. Like, Storage of warehouses, Portable Storage services.

United Van Lines Moving Companies

United Van Lines is one of the more convenient and full-service moving companies in the USA. It is a full-service moving and relocation company. Now It owns thousands of moving trucks and its branded moving vans on major interstate highways regularly. With headquarters in suburban St. Louis, It maintains its network of 400 affiliated agencies. They are well-known as full service moving company.

UAL can help to move and reallocate your goods where you want to settle. They carefully move you right. As a result, it keeps your products sound. If you wish to move across the country or overseas, United offers innovative solutions for their customers, and they have professional moving experience.

United Van Lines

Functions of United Van Lines

Long-Distance Move –

Pick your services from united van lines, and they will take care of the rest. United is federally licensed to provide everything according to customers’ needs. It is perfect for a long-distance mover, or interstate move.

International Move –

It guides its customers throughout the international move process.

Corporate Move –

It creates a seamless corporate move experience. By this, customers are being transferred or looking for corporate relocation services.

Local Move –

Their nationwide network of interstate moving companies agents can also independently provide local moving services. By their businesses and brands in metro areas across the United States.

Choose from their comprehensive moving, packing, and storage services, in addition to convenient full-Service moving packages designed to save you valuable time and money. No matter the size or destination, they work with you to understand your unique moving company’s needs.

Why is United Van Lines Best?

It has full-value protection, a long list of available services, and the most transparent pricing system; the company has a 4.22 out of 5 customer satisfaction rate.

It has some accreditations and affiliations. Those are:

  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)
  • Pro Mover (AMSA)
  • National Quality Assurance USA ISO 9001 2008
  • Canadian Association of Movers (CAM)

North American Van Lines Moving Companies

North American Van Lines is a large American trucking company. It was initially formed in Cleveland, Ohio, and later based in Fort. Its headquarters is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the U.S. It was founded in 1933. It has more than 500 agents. They are famous as a long-distance moving company in the USA. The company even called a North American full-service mover. Let’s look at what it has to offer, and we’ll give you our take along the way based on our hands-on experience.

North American Van Lines

Functions of North American Van Lines

  • Corporate, Local, national, and international moving services.
  • Full-service, Fragile packing.
  • Boxes and moving supplies.
  • Home Appliance Move & disconnect and re-connection it.
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly.
  • Storage, Loading, and unloading Crane vans for large items.
  • Satellite tracking, Auto Transport
  • Full valuation, Basic liability coverage.
  • Online checklists and moving tips.

Why is North American Van Lines Best?

  • NAVL is an excellent choice for planning for a long-distance or international move.
  • It is also for those who need to move their company with North America’s range of service options.
  • If you are running a smaller household or if your budget is tight, North America has some excellent opportunities for you to choose from.

In the end, your moving experience will depend mostly on your local agent, so be sure to do your research and reach out to them to see how well they can accommodate you.

Allied Van Lines Moving Companies

American moving company Allied Van Lines was started in 1928 as a non-profit cooperative. It is owned by the people who work for it on the east coast of the US. Allied Van Lines started out as a normal public company in 1968. The main office of the Allied van line is in Indiana, which is in the United States.

Allied Van Lines

Functions of Allied Van Lines

Household Moving –

Every family’s moving needs are unique. Professional movers of allied van lines can help, and they are trying their best to fulfill customers’ needs.

International Moving –

They perfected the process of moving overseas to make the customer’s transition stress-free.

Corporate Moving –

It provides customized moving services to keep one’s business running smoothly.

Long-Distance Moving –

Their experts specialize in long-distance moves. They are delivering your belongings with care.

Allied Van Lines is one of the most famous moving companies globally, working for its customers 24 hours. They offer quality moving services on the local, long-distance, and also global levels. Allied offers unmatched resources, which helped customers sail smoothly through their next move.

Why is Allied Van Lines Best?

AVL has the largest network in the world. It has over 85 years of experience. Whether you shift, it will be long-distance or local, no matter whether their global system ensures the safety of your goods. As full-service movers, they handle everything from packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking your belongings.

American Van Lines Moving Companies

American Van Lines is a Household Goods interstate moving company, which gives service to customers nationwide. They maintain high service standards, and also provide quality-assured specialty services, full-service packing, unpacking services, and all the services. It is a family-owned business. Holding on to their traditions has shaped their company, and they intend to let these values lead them into the future. It was founded in 1995. It began a journey to revolutionize the moving industry with only two trucks and a dream. They grow multiple locations to serve their customers better. The company aims to be the single source for the entire relocation process. Moving and storage services are offered at reasonable prices, and auto shipping assistance is also available according to customer needs. They provide good service at state lines.

American Van Lines

Functions of American Van Lines

  • Excellent Transportation Service
  • Massive corporate relocation
  • Certified piano and antique movers
  • Reliable Price matching
  • Professional mover and Storage, long-distance moving opportunity
  • Flat-rate price for furniture, pool table movers
  • Background-checked movers

Why is American Van Lines Best?

Local Moving –

Allows a local move at the lowest possible price. Move from one place to another place; you must need a mover. In this case, the American van line is the best option.

Long-Distance Moving –

Facilitate a hassle-free moving experience. It makes your move easy.

Military Moving –

Planning is a must for military personnel operating. They have strict deadlines. The moving experts’ staff will work with you to accommodate the moving schedule and budget to customers’ needs.

Cost of Interstate Moving

Average Moving Cost-

The local move average price is $1,250.Long-distance move average cost is $4,890 (range up to 1,000 miles). The 2-3 bedroom move costs approximately 7,500 pounds.

How to Calculate Moving Costs for Interstate Move

So how much cost will it require to move with the assistance of the best interstate moving companies? Let’s try to discuss it. First, know where you’re moving from and the destination of your new home. Select the drop-down function and size of your move, what packing services you’ll need, and your move date. They take all of these factors into consideration. Then give you accurate moving quotes from top movers.

When you estimate the moving cost, try to be interested in all possible moving expenses. If you forget anyone, this may cause a significant amount of damage. These costs include:

Travel fees-

When moving locally, first include travel fees quickly. These fees cover fuel and labor for the movers’ trip from the old house to the new one.

Size of your move-

How much stuff do you need to move? Is the shipment of belongings will also be more substantial? This increases your moving costs.

Rule of thumb-

If your belongings are more to move, the expense you also more.

Packing services-

for packing service, you need extra cost.

Moving add-ons-

The cost of your move will be affected by any additional services. Disassembling and reassembling furniture, moving specialty items, and using moving supplies like stretch wrap, felt pads, and mattress bags.


If you’re dealing with movers, the moving company can store all belongings before moving. Some moving companies provide the best interstate moving and storage services. It just needs extra pay for this service. Storage rates differ from interstate moving companies in texas to move companies, so make sure about these specifics.

Moving supplies-

you’ll need some boxes for moving and need to purchase those moving supplies. It takes the extra cost. Like- as cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper, and any other supplies required for the move. Before finding out the supplies you need, calculate how many moving boxes you need and where you find those boxes.

Moving date-

Moving the date is essential to make your plan accurate. Because the specific time of your move can affect the price dramatically.

Can Moving Costs be Deducted?

Now the question is, can moving costs be deducted? If possible, how can it be deducted? Moving expenses are tax-deductible so they can save money. On the other hand, a perfect plan also helps to reduce extra costs and also helps to reduce unnecessary costs and effort.

Inter-State Moving Companies Checklist

Are you preparing to move to another state? From packing a cost-effective way to proceed. Moving to a new country is no easy task. Fortunately, some moving company is here to help you. They ensure your smooth move to your new home. There is a checklist for the best interstate moving companies.

Trip to your New City-

Before moving to another state, it is highly recommended at least one trip to your new city. As a result, you can get a good feeling about the location and various neighborhoods.

Determine which Neighborhoods-

If you have a plan to send your child to public school, determine which neighborhoods are associated with your schools of interest. To find out top-rated schools in your new home, use the School Rating tool, which includes School ratings and other helpful information about the school.

The Expenses to Shift to Another State are not Low-

The average cost of hiring professional movers for moving out of state is $4,300. So figure out how much you are willing and able to spend on the move. Then make a list of all necessary moving expenses. Must keep a bit of extra money aside for unexpected costs.

Find a Safe and Budget-Friendly Place to Live-

In which city you like to move to? First, you rent a house in this location for the first six months while you get a feel for the town. If you feel that the city’s safe, budget-friendly, and according to your desire, this time you decide the move.

Research Moving Companies-

sometimes, it’s hard to find the best interstate movers. If you decide to move your company, you must be sure it’s a reliable and trustworthy one. It recommends that contact at least three to four moving companies to obtain information.

Find out Cheaper Moving Company-

Prior to hiring a moving company, check their package, customer service review, and, most importantly, their rate. Then take a decision about which one will be best for your purpose and then hire them.

Make a Strategic Packing Plan-

Before boxing up your things. Packing all non-essential stuff first. Those things which you do not use every that like books, home décor items, and electronics. Then pack your essentials things. Those are kitchen items, dinnerware, and toiletries.

Contact Your Utility Companies-

Be sure to contact your utility companies to let them know you are moving. Utility companies include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, and security system. You also give your new address so that they can transfer service to your new home.

Establish a Domicile for Tax in the New State-

After the move, you’ll need to establish a clean house for tax purposes. If you’re moving to another country permanently and making the address your Permanent address, you just need to verify legal residence for tax purposes.

How to Save Money on a Long-Distance Move?

Moving Services from one place to another place is quite expensive. You can move on your own, this time, you do not need to pay for professional moving assistance. So it may save costs. But when you run for a long-distance move by yourself most of the time, it is tight. But a perfect plan will help you to do this.

  • First, you borrow a pick-up truck or rent a small moving van for a couple of hours to take your large furniture and bulky appliances to your new home. Then you ask a few friends or relatives to help you load and unload your items.
  • Make several trips in your car to transport all your smaller belongings to your new place.
  • You also can empty the boxes and use them over and over again. It helps you reduce packing costs and packing supplies costs.
  • If you need professional moving companies’ help this time, you will have very few opportunities to reduce the moving expenses.
  • Good money-saving skills can help you domestic and international moves on a tight budget without any problems.

So, if you consider the budget factor while moving in long-distance, you need to get familiar with the cheapest ways to move across the country. You do your best to make them work for you.


Knowing the cheapest way to move long distances will help you make your relocation more affordable and very easy. Just make sure your plan is right, and make a decision, then think about its results. Finally, you follow some tips which discuss before moving across a country to ensure your smooth and successful moving experience and get your new life at your new address. Be happy, and stay safe, with top interstate moving companies.

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