North American Van Lines Review

North American Van Lines has been in business for more than 90 years, making it the industry standard in moving and storage. The company’s extensive offerings have aided the relocation of countless homes, offices, and personal possessions for millions of people and enterprises. People who want a quick and easy relocation often choose North American Van Lines because of the company’s dedication to excellence and the positive experiences it has helped them create for their customers. Today we are going to give you a detailed North American Van Lines Review.

We’ll analyze North American Van Lines’ services, price, customer service, and more to help you decide if they’re right for your move. It offers services for local, long-distance, and storage moves. The company also has a vast agent network. They ensure a skilled workforce that will handle your move. North American Van Lines’ client service, affordable costs, and high quality make it a reliable moving and storage provider.


Services Offered By NAVL

North American van lines review



When it comes to moving and storage, It has you covered in every way. The following are examples of services provided:


Residential Moving: Packing, loading, transporting, and unloading household products are all a part of the service.


Commercial Moving: Business relocation, as well as the relocation of employees and offices, are among the many services commercial movers provide.


Long-Distance Moving: Provides services for moves across state lines or long distances.


International Moving: Provides international relocation services, including customs documentation.


Storage Solutions: The company offers temporary and permanent storage options.


Specialized Moving: It offers moving services for items requiring special handlings, such as fine art, antiques, and pianos.


Auto Transport: Safe and secure transportation of autos to a new location.


Senior Moving: Downsizing, clearing, and estate sales are some of the services intended to help seniors move.


Corporate Relocation: “Corporate relocation” means helping companies move their staff and families.


Government and Military Moving: They also help relocate civilian and military personnel in the public and military sectors.


Unpacking and Unloading: After the move, professionals help unload and set up the new home.


Pros & Cons Of North American Van Lines


To provide a clearer picture, we have compiled a list of this company’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • A reputed company since 1933.
  • precise cost estimates.
  • Convenient online tracking system.
  • Strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 support for customers.


  • Prices could be higher than usual.
  • Storage options are limited and depend on local availability.


The Cost Of Using North American Van Lines


You can fill out a quote request form if you visit their website. You need to fill out the form with some basic relocation details and send it in. After that, a service agent will get back to you. They might prefer an in-person consultation or a digital survey. They’ll be able to give you a more precise estimate of your moving costs this way.

By providing a quote for the relocation upfront, they help their customers avoid any unanticipated costs. 

For example, moving a two-bedroom apartment from Phoenix to Boulder (832 miles) will cost around $4000 with North American Van Lines. The company also gives its consumers various discounts and customized options.


Factors that impact NAVL Cost

The moving cost or the pricing of North American Van Lines depends on various factors. Here they are:


  • Move size
  • Distance
  • Amount of furniture
  • Weight of the Move
  • Additional Services
  • Time of the move


Customer Service & Quality Of Service


Customer satisfaction and service excellence are priorities for North American Van Lines. The company’s customer service department is staffed by knowledgeable and helpful individuals. They are ready around the clock to address any issues or inquiries consumers may have. North American Van Lines’ online tracking system lets customers track their movements.


It prioritizes customer safety and efficiency. The company promises to handle every move with care and skill, thanks to its large network of moving experts. The company packages fragile items for shipping.


However, many more have applauded for its commitment to client satisfaction, despite the fact that some customers have complained about the company’s customer service and the quality of its services. The company would do anything to give consumers a good moving experience.


Recommendation On Using North American Van Lines


When it comes to long-distance moves, American Van Lines is undeniably a top contender. While their prices are a bit higher than average, the services they offer more than makeup for it.

It is recommended as a full-service moving company due to its extensive list of services, attentive customer service, and high quality of service. Regarding appliance moving companies, this one is highly recommended due to the variety of services offered, the professionalism of the staff, and competitive pricing.



When it comes to moving companies, American Van Lines has a stellar reputation as a reliable, licensed, and insured provider. When it comes to local & long-distance moves of any size, we trust NAVL. It serves customers in all 50 states. And they offer a vast selection of moving services.

Helpful Resources

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