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We have 30 years of experience in the moving sector and we are connected with the best movers in the industry. We served 955,897 ( and counting) happy customers and professional movers that provide moving one piece of furniture long distance.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to moving! Every single scenario requires special attention to detail, and that’s why there are many different moving services that are available for different requirements of movers. So, if you are searching for ” I need one piece of furniture moved” on the internet, this article is for you. “Moving one piece of furniture long distance” might be tricky for you.  Sometimes, you may need to available moving services. Because you’re moving your entire house and all your furniture, and then there will be times when you are just required to relocate or move one specific piece of furniture. Maybe you’re moving across town and into a five-bedroom house, or you’re moving right across the street or moving to a different floor! This is why there are many different moving services to choose from.

Moving Tips 

Are you moving your whole house and all your furniture to a different place? If you are, then you will require full-service movers and maybe additional packing services. There are a lot of moving tips we want to share with you.  Are you moving just one piece of the item? If you are, then you will require single-item movers! Moving one piece of item is referred to as a small-scale move, otherwise known as a ‘mini-moves,’ and requires special moving services which are known as single-item movers.

Moving one piece of furniture long distance

There are many moving companies that do offer a multitude of moving services like packing and unpacking, but it may be slightly tougher to find specific single-item movers who are appropriate for you in terms of what you need and fit right into your budget. So it’s best to do some research into small-scale movers before planning your move, and we are here to help you out with that!



Why Would You Need Single-Item Movers

Even though moving sounds easy in theory, there are many challenges that you may face during the move, and there are many circumstances that would require you to hire single-item movers.

  • If the item is fragile, like a large glass vase or a porcelain showpiece, you are afraid it may break during the journey.
  • The piece of furniture may require special supplies for packing that you don’t have.
  • Maybe the belonging is very heavy and impossible to move without help, like a pool table or a large bookshelf.
  • For specialty items like valuable paintings or expensive musical instruments.

You may need to move your furniture across any of the following distances:

  • For moving within the same building, or inside the same house
  • For Moving local distances, which are less than 100 miles
  • Moving greater than 100 miles, to a different town or a city
  • Moving across state lines, to a different part of the country

Who Are The Furniture Movers

If any of these scenarios is similar to your situation, then you require a specialized equipment mover. Specialized equipment movers or single-item movers consist of professional movers who specialize in moving one piece of furniture across various distances. We can help you move one item within the same building if you are having trouble doing the heavy lifting, or maybe because your bulky item does not fit inside the elevator, or your hallways are too narrow. They also do local moves, which are distances of about 100 miles, and long-distance and cross-country move like moving from Ohio to Florida, which are larger distances that can even cross state lines.

packing single piece of furniture

They help package your heavy furniture to ensure that it will survive the journey and won’t be damaged, and many single-item movers drive your stuff to the required location. Additionally, one-item movers can also help during the relocation of your furniture! If you have just settled in but would like your bookcase to be moved from your living room upstairs to the bedroom, you can call in professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can sit back and relax.

Experienced movers can deliver quality packing supplies and also help move partial loads such as small amounts. Experienced movers have licensing and insurance information also. They provide the best pick-up service for moving. So you need to hire auto shippers for moving your valuable item move. To hire cheap movers with little moving costs for a large piece of furniture then fill up our form now.


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Moving Single Pieces of Furniture Locally

There may be many reasons behind requiring professional movers to move one piece of furniture as we have already covered, but sometimes the problem is completely different. Individuals may not have enough space in their vehicles for a large piece of item and turn to professional movers for help!

Any move that is less than 100 miles can be thought of as a local move. They are usually much simpler to plan due to the small length. Single-item moving services do help with local moves. If you’re wondering about prices, local movers charge an hourly rate and often have minimum weight requirements. Additionally, it is customary to tip your movers! Usually, this is 10% of the total relocation cost. This will of course vary from company to company. Upon getting in touch with a professional moving company, movers will come to your house to survey that one item you need to move. So contact a mover if you need one piece of item moved.

Relocating one piece of furniture

This is why it’s important to give them full information beforehand, about the height, weight and special requirements of the stuff. After examining your belongings, they will bring the special packaging material to help seal that one piece of stuff or appliance and they will pack it up for you, unload it in their vehicle, and then move it to your new home so that you can be completely stress-free.



It is important to note that because local movers charge an hourly rate, you may have to pay them more than the amount of time that you avail of their moving service. For instance, if their minimum hour requirement is two hours but your move only took an hour, you will still have to pay them for the two hours, which means that you will incur additional costs during your moving period.

Moving one household item within the same building is also considered to be a local move, and the costs incurred may either be hourly or weight-dependent.

Moving A Piece of Furniture Long Distance

If you’re looking for moving one piece item a long way, you’re going to need a few supplies. Long-distance moves are distances that are above 100 miles and aren’t confined to the same state, this means cross-country moves are also categorized as long-distance moves. Finding cross-country movers is very easy! It is because they do bulk transport of many different pieces inside large vehicles, so your one specific item may be just one of the many belongings that they are delivering or moving alongside that specific route.

This is because they carry the goods inside large trailers or other vehicles like trucks, and to maximize efficiency, they deliver multiple shipments at once. This is why one-item movers are not difficult to find, and are often very affordable, because you are only paying for your appliance, and this also ensures that your belonging is safe inside their truck because it is unlikely that anything will move around and break since there are many different items inside the vehicle.

Moving one piece of furniture Long distance 1

Long-distance furniture movers often charge a flat rate per lb, so the total cost will be dependent upon the weight of the appliance. However, it is also important to note that the further apart your new home is, the more it may cost for you to move furniture across. This isn’t true for all moving companies. But mileage is also a factor upon which some moving companies base their prices. And upon receiving your stuff it is customary to tip your mover as well. So the total cost will be dependent upon mileage, tips, and any other additional cost that was incurred, like paying for specialty packing equipment. To know the full rates, you will have to directly contact the moving service you want to hire.

The best way to make the most informed decision is by looking at reviews online and comparing prices between moving companies. This can be tedious especially because all online reviews can’t be trusted. And we understand how difficult this whole process is, and that’s why we are here to help with that! If you want free quotes from different single-item movers, fill out our quick and easy form, and get your free quote today!

DIY & Moving Labor Moving One Piece of Furniture

Moving one piece of furniture to another state can be a daunting task. If you are thinking of moving one piece of furniture by yourself, there are also options available for you. Have you considered hiring moving labor professionals? Moving labor professionals are licensed moving service providers. Who help individuals out if they are planning on moving by themselves. But may need help with specific tasks. If you need help loading or unloading your heavy piece of furniture onto your vehicle. You need help with packing one specific specialty item that you own. If but are unsure about how to pack, moving labor may be the option for you!

They are incredibly flexible in their moving services, and will help you with whatever you need; whether it’s packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, or just taking care of one piece of furniture. Whatever you need, they will help you out! And it’s a very cost-effective option as well because full-time movers may cost thousands of dollars. But moving labor professionals are more flexible with their pricing. And you only have to pay specifically for the moving service that you are availing of.


The second option that you may avail, of is rental cars! Maybe your difficulty isn’t with packing, loading, or unloading. But with the fact that your one piece of furniture won’t fit into your vehicle! If that sounds like your issue, then you should consider hiring a rental car! Professional moving companies also offer rental services. They drive to your location and will help you. Load and unload your furniture into and out of their truck if you need them to.

They will drive your specialty appliance to your new home. And will help you with any other issues that you have. But if you don’t need assistance with anything. If you just require a vehicle, they will be happy to provide that as well! Furthermore, there are additional options available where moving companies provide you with storage units to store your furniture. This can be very useful if your item is very heavy and takes up a lot of space. And then on the day of your move. They can help drive the unit to your new home.


How to Set Up Your Plan

There are plenty of options available for you. You just have to ask yourself the right questions before hiring single-item movers. What kind of moving service do you require? If you need to move one piece of furniture a long way, you may want to consider using the moving services of single-item movers long-distance. There are many single-item movers near you that offer one-item moving services. This can be a great option if you are moving one piece of large furniture or an appliance that is difficult to move on your own.

Local movers moving one piece of furniture

If you are moving in the same state, and the distance is less than 100 miles, you should hire local single-item movers, and if you are searching for ” How to move one piece of furniture to another state”, then cross-country movers are the right decision for you! Suppose your moving problem is with vehicles and lack of space. Then maybe you should hire a helper or rent a car. And the cheapest way to move furniture is by hiring a moving container & a furniture moving helper if you need help with lifting the item.

It’s all about knowing specifically what you require and making the best judgment call based on that.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to moving. You will have to note specifically the kind of moving services that you require. So that you can come to the best decision about the kind of professional mover that you should hire! There are plenty of resources online that you can avail yourself of that can help you out with your decision.

How Do You Find Single-Item Movers 

There are many ways to find the most appropriate single-item mover for you.

  • You can ask around in your neighborhood or the neighborhood that you are moving into. If they have moved one item before, they can suggest you.
  • Your local circle of friends and family may be able to help you out.
  • There is a large amount of information available online about moving. You can get free quotes from the best moving companies who will help you move one item.
  • You can look at multiple reviews about moving companies on the internet!

How to Hire Movers

While searching online for one item movers near me, you should take a few steps to hire the best mover. First, you need to collect cost estimates from some best movers in your area. Then you will get a clear idea about the average cost of moving services.

Second, ensure that the moving company is both licensed and insured. This will safeguard you in the event that something goes wrong during the moving and packing process.

Finally, before making a decision, read moving company reviews. This will give you an idea of what other people’s experiences have been with various movers. After following these steps you can easily find reputable one-item movers and partial load moving services to decrease moving partial loads.

Peak Moving Season

The Peak moving season in the USA is typical during the summer months. Many people move during this time to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. This time of year is extremely busy for movers. If you move during the peak season, it might cost you more than usual times. So, try to avoid the peak season and holidays if you want to pay less and move in a cheap way.



We know that moving is extremely difficult, and this may be very stress-inducing for you. There are a lot of factors to consider in moving, and it can seem very tedious, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are wondering which moving reviews to trust or how to properly estimate the costs of moving, you can avail of a no-strings-attached free moving quote from us after filling up a short form! Upon getting a free moving quote from us to find the best furniture moving company.

You can better gauge the different price ranges of companies to know which specific professional moving service you should hire! Our network of moving companies which consists of licensed professionals can help you with all your moving-related issues. Hope you have found the answer to “can you hire movers to move one item” and will reach your final destination successfully. If you need a top one-item moving service or the best one-item movers for extra moving services then fill up our form for free quotes right now. We are always here when you need help moving one piece of furniture.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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