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Unlike a home move, an office move disrupts a business’s daily operations and needs a moving team in St. Louis that knows how to handle the unique needs of business movers. With the help of BuzzMoving to find the best office relocation services in Missouri and St. Louis, moving your business will be smooth and organized with little downtime.

BuzzMoving has the information you need to plan your office move well, no matter where you are.

Choose The Best Office Relocation Services in Missouri

office relocation services Missouri

Having the right people and office tools is essential when planning your next trip. In our review list, we give you all of the following information and details for your office move:

International Van Line

International Van Lines is an approved national mover and moving company. As one of the best moving companies in the United States, they always aim to give you good service. International Van Lines is a licensed freight forwarder and a straight source for ocean and air freight. They serve more than 150 countries and provide office relocation services in Missouri. International Van Lines moves cars in the United States and worldwide. They can help you drive an automobile, a boat, or a motorcycle.


  • The best international moving companies
  • Licensed moving company
  • Efficient and pleasant customer reviews


  • Price is fixed


North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is third on our list of the Best Moving Companies of 2023. It has been in business for almost 90 years. So that it could stay competitive, it improved its tracking by adding satellites to keep track of customer packages. North America handles local, national, and foreign moves for homes and businesses. Storage, moving and unloading, installation, and cleaning services are also available. The site has moving calculators, shifting schedules, and tips on how to move well.


  • International Local Interstate Moving Available
  • Offers moving calculators, checklists
  • Have tracking capabilities


  • Sometimes, charge extra


According to our list, Bellhop Moving is the second-best moving company of 2023. The company helps people move locally, long distances, and across state lines. They also help with business, apartments, and last-minute moves. Quotes and arranging for bellhops can be done online or over the phone, making the whole process of making a reservation easier. There are also services like loading and unloading, packing, putting together furniture, and storing.


  • Experienced staff
  • Reputed moving company
  • Provide last-minute moves service


  • Quotes and scheduling lengthy


U-Pack is a fast and easy way to move across a long distance. You only pay for the room you use, so you know exactly how much it will cost as you load. There are no shocks and no hidden costs. Get a quote from U-Pack today to see how they compare to full-service movers, rental truck companies, and other portable storage services.


  • Quote system available
  • No hidden charge
  • Reasonable Price


  • They do not move out of state

BEK Moving

BEK Moving Company has taken St. Louis and the surrounding area by storm regarding all your moving needs. BEK Moving knows how stressful it can be to move your family or office, so let them take some of the weight off your shoulders and give you one less thing to think about. Their experienced movers will take good care of your items and ensure they get to your new home or place of work safely.


  • Professional office relocation services Missouri
  • Bring you the most quality moving experience
  • Ensure safety and security


  • Customer service is not available on Sunday

How to Move Your Office Without a Hitch

Most businesses move when they grow and need more room or to cut back on staff because so many people work from home. With our office moving plan, you will take every step and can return to work immediately.

Plan for your office move

When changing a business, you should start making plans at least three to six months ahead. 

First, look over your business deal. If you leave early, you might lose your fee. Most leases say you are responsible for damaged or broken items in your office space, so check these before moving.

When changing an office, you can’t just “wing it.” Aside from running a business, there are many other things to consider, like your workers, the layout of your new space, unpacking, and setting up without causing too much trouble.

Remember to plan for your moving cash. Before you plan your move, you need to know how much money you have.

Tell your workers that you are moving

One of the first things you should do is let your workers and clients know about any changes that are coming up. 

Tell them about essential rules and facts at the new business location, like:

  • New business address, new or changed phone and fax number
  • New rules for building
  • Plan for moving and unpacking at the new place

Look into which moving company is the best

For a smooth business move, it is essential to hire a moving company. Moving businesses have the skills, knowledge, and tools to make the process of moving go smoothly. Many companies will help you pack and unpack; some will even put your desks and chairs together and set them up in your office the way you want. You can choose office relocation services in Missouri for a smooth move from our review.

Take your time to look into and get tips for moving companies with office relocation experience. You want to ensure you only hire a company with a history of success in this area.

Protect your info

Information is the most important thing a business has.  Almost anything can happen during an office move. That is why it is crucial to protect all sensitive data. This means making copies of all essential papers and data in multiple safe places. 

For the best safety and protection, only have designated staff backup data. Packing systems and hardware in separate boxes and vehicles when relocating to your new business space is wise.

Update your address

Let your suppliers and clients know when you are relocating, your new business address, and when your business will be up and running at the new location. Ensure your business cards, paper, website, and social media are current. Additionally, contact Google to have your address and online listing changed a month before your relocationAs soon as you know your new address, start making these changes quickly, avoiding any last-minute issues.

Order new equipment in advance

First, decide what you are keeping and what you no longer need. Discard your old files, paperwork, and books you no longer need or use and discard them. The same goes for desks, chairs, and furniture. Depending on the new layout of your office, you might need a smaller or bigger table. Once you evaluate the new office space, create a small inventory of unique furniture pieces you need.

Make sure to place your order early; that way, your things will arrive just in time to settle into your new office space, and there will be no delays.


Hiring the best office relocation services, Missouri is a great place to make a good move. Our reviews of professional Missouri movers will make a big difference in how well your move goes and how safe your belongings are.

Before deciding on a mover, we suggest getting prices from at least three. Use what other customers have said and what you’ve learned about the company while getting quotes to help you decide. International Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and Bellhop are our top picks for moving locally and across the country. Each has qualified moving teams that can help make sure your moving day goes smoothly.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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