How to Find Small Load Long Distance Movers

February 11, 2021

Are you looking to move only a few household items? Maybe a variety of furniture from a small studio apartment or even a bathtub you bought on eBay? In that case, you are in the market for small load long distance movers.

Small load moving companies combine your possessions with other items for transfer. They do this to save time, save fuel, and cut down the overall costs to make things economical for everyone. Even if you want to move a single item, movers that offer a small load moving service will weigh it and work out a suitable price with you.

Whether you want to make a small load move across the block or across the country: Buzz Moving is here to help you locate and hire licensed moving companies that specialize in small load moves both locally and long-distance. Compare your moving company options with us to quickly find affordable and reliable movers that suit your needs!

What is A Small Load Move?

You might be wondering what qualifies as a small load move to moving companies? Basically, the moving industry standard for a small move is any move under 2000 lbs. This means that as long as your transfer items’ total net weight does not exceed one ton, it is considered a small load transfer.

Suppose you are trying to ship a limited number of furniture, basic household appliances, or even a singular piece of equipment (such as a hot tub). In that case, you fall in the category of a small load move. If you are moving residentially, a small studio, a single bedroom apartment, or any form of dorm or college student move qualifies as a small load and you are in need of small load movers.


Companies that specialize in such small load moves can offer you prices based solely on the items you want to move. So, instead of hiring a whole truck to move your items, get a free quote from us to find a professional moving company offering small load services today! With us, you pay only for what you ship and not a bit more.

Finding Affordable Small Load Movers

Typical moving companies do not want to handle such small moving jobs because it is more profitable for a company to relocate large-scale projects. This includes commercial moves such as large offices and big residential moves which exceed 3-4 bedrooms.

So, if you start off looking around for yourself, discovering and selecting a professional moving company that handles small load moving jobs can be a bit stressful. Not only do you have to locate a reputable company that provides such services, but also you need to make sure that they are available and affordable. We are here to help solve that very issue.

Buzz Moving has access to an entire network of professional moving companies all around the USA that handle small loads. Regardless of the specifics of your move, we can help you find the perfect company to cater to your needs. Please fill out our form to receive moving quotes from licensed and insured small load long distance movers specializing in small load moving. Compare between companies to find the best deal for you!

How Much Does A Small Load Movers Typically Cost?

Moving A Small Load Locally

If you plan on moving locally or within a small distance, small load movers can cost you anywhere between 200 dollars to 500 dollars. You might think it won’t cost you much if you only have a few things to move. However, every moving company has a minimum cost that they need to cover despite the total capacity of the transfer.

Various factors contribute to this fee: the number of employees, the cost of operating the truck, and the total hours billed for the task.

For example, you might only need to move a couch from the 4th floor of an apartment complex. The company will still need to cover the cost of sending over the required number of employees to carry the cough down the stairs into the truck. They will need to cover the cost of the moving truck and the time spent doing the moving.

All of this will amount to the minimum cost for the move. When getting quotes for a small move, be sure to ask the company about the minimum cost and other factors that they consider.

Moving A Small Load Across States?

If you are moving from one state to another, it will cost a lot more – but not as much as you might think if you’re doing a small load move. Due to what is known as a “consolidated” move, it is possible to put your items alongside other people’s things inside the truck. The small load movers will use a truck then moves along a common route, delivering each item to its destination.

Although there are some additional details to consider here:

The Route to Your Destination:

Suppose your destination is on a popular route or close to a place where the company has to make further deliveries. In that case, the movers will have a much easier time making the delivery. But if you’re just moving a few things across the state to a remote town off the main highway, the small load long distance movers will have to go out of their way to make the delivery, which increases costs.

The Necessity of A Packing Service:

Let’s say you are moving a lot of fragile and delicate possessions that need protection during transport. In that case, you will need to have a team of professionals spends all day carefully packing and padding all of your items 100%.

A less expensive alternative would be only to have them pack the valuable paintings and instruments among your belongings, which would lessen the cost by a significant margin. Make sure to iron out all the details regarding the minimum cost and additional factors when dealing with the moving company.

The Flights of Stairs:

A very common oversight that many people make is disregarding how many stairs need to be climbed up and down to get your item to or from the truck. If you’re on the 6th floor and your place does not have an elevator, the difficulty of the job rises exponentially for the movers. You will have to pay them a premium for their time and effort in this case.

Benefits of Getting A Quote

Buzz Moving is an all in one destination for all your small load moving needs all around the USA. Whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, state to state, or even nationwide anywhere in the USA – we have a moving company that will suit your needs perfectly. Here are some of the advantages to getting a quote from us:


  • A Free and Simple Moving Quote:

    The entire moving quote process is very intuitive for our clients. Just fill out the form using your information, and we will have suitable movers get in touch with you. Zero obligations or commitments.

  • Compare Rates from Various Companies:

    Not only will we make sure that the movers that contact you specialize in moving small loads, but you will also be able to compare the rates between different companies to pick out the one that suits your needs.

  • Movers Are Professionally Trained and Have Solid Experience:

    The Buzz Moving network consists of professional and licensed moving companies all around the USA. The employees have all the necessary training and equipment to handle all kinds of moves and have the experience to deal with any irregularities.

  • Long Distance Movers:

    If you are looking to ship a few small items across the country, small load movers are essential. Buzz Moving can help you get in touch with small load long distance movers that provide small load moving services at sensible rates

  • Consolidated Shipping:

    Using consolidated shipping saves time and money on your move. You pay by the actual shipping weight that goes onto the box truck.

  • Full-Service Pick Up:

    If you don’t want to deal with the stress of packing, crating, and securing all your items for the move, you can just request a full service pick up. A team of professionals will do all the hard work for you – packaging, crating and moving the items into the truck for a hassle-free move on your part.

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