Hire Professional Piano Movers to Move a Piano

Are you thinking of moving to a new home? Maybe you are relocating to a different part of town or even another city and have a piano in the house? Whether it is a baby grand piano or a basic upright piano, having one definitely makes things a bit difficult. You might be wondering how people usually deal with moving a piano. Do they try to move it themselves or hire professional piano movers? Or is there an even better alternative?

To make sure something as delicate and refined as a piano get no damage during the process of relocation, you need to find a mover who has the right skills, the right equipment, and adequate experience. Basically, you need a piano moving company. Buzzmoving is here to provide you with affordable and efficient solutions for that very need.


We are a moving company network with hundreds of certified & professional piano moving companies listed in our network. You can compare the best professional piano movers located near you or your potential relocation area through us!

Is moving a piano difficult?

Pianos are sophisticated instruments:

A piano is not the same as a wardrobe. While both may be made of wood, a piano needs to be handled with a lot more care. There are various types of pianos, and each has to be addressed in different ways when it comes to relocating them.

Pianos are probably among the most challenging objects to move during relocation, both heavy and fragile instruments. A typical piano has about nine thousand to twelve thousand small parts inside it, while grand pianos may have more. Wheeling out something that complex by yourself would be a difficult job.

Bad idea to handle it all by yourself:

While some owners still may try to move their pianos by themselves, it is safe to say the average piano owner is not adequately equipped or experienced enough to handle that task. It is a smart move to hire piano movers to handle things for you as professional piano movers specialize in relocating large, heavy, and expensive pianos safely and efficiently.


Is it necessary to hire a piano moving company?

The size and complexity of pianos make them hard to move:

Moving a piano near me isn’t like moving a wardrobe or a table. It is a highly specialized job that requires specific equipment and a lot of knowledge on the matter. The professional piano movers within our network are highly experienced in handling these colossal pianos and transporting them to your desired location in a highly safe and efficient manner.

It’s quite an ordeal for amateurs to lift a piano and move it around the house without something going wrong. Without dollies and pulleys, there is a high probability of spraining a leg or pulling a muscle as you are moving it. Not to mention the unfortunate but common scenario of dropping it on your leg.

Professional piano movers are capable of handling pianos with ease:

Piano movers are qualified individuals with years of training who take care of all the heavy lifting for you. They should have no trouble moving your piano from your house, apartment, or place of business. As mentioned before, different types of pianos require the help of different kinds of equipment when moving and handling them smoothly. Baby grands and grand pianos require proper disassembly and reassembly upon reaching the destination. In contrast, upright pianos do not need to be disassembled but require a certain kind of moving trolley.

Piano movers are aware of all this and know all the proper handling techniques and moving procedures required to carry a piano without causing any harm to it.

Leave it to the pros:

Hiring professional piano movers means that you do not need to worry about the details – you can leave the job to them and relax. Without the right preparations, it is nerve-wracking to move a piano. Piano movers have essential lifting equipment (various dollies and harnesses), specifically padded transporting devices and thick pads and covers to protect the piano while inside the moving truck.

No matter what kind of piano you have in your possession, piano movers have the right type of moving equipment to tackle any and every type of situation that might arise during the whole process.

Can I hire regular professional piano movers to move a piano?

We’ve been told by piano moving companies that there is a rule of thumb in the piano industry:

“Never hire a house mover to move your piano, and never hire a piano mover to move your house.”

Just like how you can’t expect fantastic chili from a pastry chef and a delicious cake from a steakhouse – it is quite illogical to expect a house mover to be prepared to handle your piano with the level of detail that a piano mover provides.


Regular movers typically have to handle many household items, and they only care about the volume and less about the integrity. The only thing they think about is how to move everything without too much hassle on their part. They will stack stuff on top of each other, remove screws and bolts where removing is unnecessary, and stuff everything together into a truck. Furthermore, general movers do not have the proper training and lack the information and equipment to do the job correctly. The faulty equipment or a less-than-ideal decision might cause not only damage your piano and wreck the new house you are planning to move into.

On the other hand, a piano mover only does one thing:

Move pianos. Not only are they required to know about the various models and piano types, but they are also trained to put the piano in multiple positions and which parts to disassemble to move the piano efficiently. Piano movers receive training to handle all types of pianos and have the specialized tools to move them. They will ensure that your piano is safely disassembled (if required), wrapped in thick padding to protect it during transit, and reassembled at your destination – ready to be tuned and played. Doing this by yourself or via regular movers would result in less than satisfactory results, risking damage to both yourself and the piano. Moreover, regular movers will likely leave the job half-finished as they have no idea how to reassemble a piano properly.

How expensive is it to hire a piano moving company?

Several factors affect the method piano movers will have to use to transport the piano properly.

The type of piano:

Not all pianos are the same. Although piano movers understand that all pianos are precious to their owners, moving certain pianos is just more difficult than others. Upright pianos typically do not need to be disassembled. In contrast, any grand pianos category will need to be disassembled, carefully covered with thick padding, and put into a big enough truck for transit. Thus, an upright piano is surprisingly cheap to move, while baby grand pianos and grand pianos are more expensive. The more complex the piano, the more complicated it is to handle, and thus the more it costs to move.

The age of the piano:

If your piano is fairly modern (by piano standards), it will probably be alright. But if your piano is an antique, it will require a lot more precise effort to handle. The piano’s integrity will also be a factor for the piano moving company, so older pianos tend to cost more to move.

The distance to be moved:

If your piano has to be moved up and down multiple flights of stairs, it will have to be maneuvered with a lot of planning. This means additional effort on the part of the piano movers, and thus they will want to charge more. And ultimately, distance tends to be the biggest factor affecting the price. Moving pianos locally or within your town costs substantially less than making a move between states.

BuzzMoving can help you find the best professional piano moving company near you at the most affordable prices.

Is hiring professional piano movers worth the price?

Moving into a new place, moving your piano shouldn’t be the only thing you have to worry about. Moving houses is a tedious and stressful process – you need to be everywhere at once, and any spare time you get is a blessing. If you try to move a piano by yourself or with your friends’ help, you will likely either damage the piano or strain yourself or annoy your friends with the task’s difficulty. And the last thing you want during a move is to be injured and lying on the bed with your back hurt.

Leaving it to amateurs or general movers will more often than not result in a damaged piano. This would undoubtedly cause you a great deal of stress, and ultimately you would have to pay additional charges to fix the damages and whatnot. More often than not, general movers botch the job and call in piano movers to handle the situation when they can’t.

Why not just avoid all of these tiresome scenarios and Professional Piano Movers Near Me? They will factor in all the unique considerations needed in moving your precious instrument and have the job done. At the same time, you can take care of matters that require you to be present and forget about the piano.

Services offered by professional piano movers

Whether it is a complex grand piano, a simple upright, or even an organ, the piano movers within the BuzzMoving network can deal with it all. Our moving partners provide the piano moving service described below:

Piano Movers Disassembly:

Complex pianos absolutely need to be taken apart before they can be moved. Get in contact with a professional piano moving company to get a better idea of whether your piano requires disassembly or not. Piano movers will take apart all the necessary parts and wrap them safely with inappropriate padding so that no damages are incurred during the move and, finally, the reassembly.

Have Unique equipment to handle specific pianos:

Upright pianos do not need disassembly, but they are too heavy to move on regular dollies. Though many pianos have wheels under them, relying on those wheels to move the piano would damage your wooden floors and destroy any carpeting you have. Piano movers will note which piano you have in your house and bring the necessary equipment personalized to do your job effectively. This includes any harnesses or dollies, safety padding to protect the piano finish, and a truck large and steady enough to move your piano unscratched.

Organ transport:

You might be wondering if you could use piano movers to move an organ for you. Well, no instrument is too large or too complicated for a professional piano moving company. BuzzMoving can find you the best available professional moving companies near you to handle your piano or organ moving needs.

Piano Reassembly:

You might be surprised how many times general movers will drop everything off at your destination straight from the truck and not even bother to reassemble your piano. In most cases, they are either too lazy or don’t know the proper way actually to reassemble the piano. You don’t need to worry about that, as professional piano movers have you covered from the beginning to the end. Once they have moved it to your desired location, they will put the piano back together, ready to be tuned and played.

Move Piano Locally or Long Distance?

Moving your piano inside the town is relatively easy with the help of a local piano moving service. BuzzMoving can help you locate the best moving services that offer a cheap short-distance move option in such cases.

If you are actually looking to move your piano between long distances, such as from one state to another or cross-country, BuzzMoving will help you find long-distance piano movers who specialize in just ensuring that they are both affordable and reliable. You can choose to have your piano transported as part of your residential move or even have it done separately via a small-move shipment.

Helpful Resources

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