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Moving from Florida to Illinois involves certain expenses, including the average moving cost. On average, the cost of moving from Florida to Illinois ranges from $1,300 to $6,000 for a three-bedroom house. However, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending on various factors such as the size of your home, the distance to be covered, the amount of belongings, and any additional services required. By considering these factors and obtaining quotes from different moving companies, you can get a better idea of the specific cost of your move.

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Advantages of Moving from Florida to Illinois

people and culture in illinois

Employment Opportunities in Illinois

    • Illinois offers a diverse range of employment opportunities across various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.
    • The finance sector in Illinois employs over 400,000 people, with Chicago being a major financial hub.
    • Illinois’s healthcare industry thrives, providing employment to over 700,000 individuals.
    • The manufacturing sector significantly contributes to the state’s economy, with over 570,000 jobs.

Education and Academic Excellence

    • Illinois is home to several prestigious universities and colleges, including the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.
    • These institutions offer a wide range of academic programs and research opportunities, attracting students from around the world.
    • Illinois ranks among the top states in terms of educational attainment, with a high percentage of residents holding bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Cultural and Entertainment Hub

    • Illinois, particularly Chicago, is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene.
    • The city boasts world-class museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry, attracting millions of visitors each year.
    • Chicago is also famous for its theater district, home to numerous Broadway shows and performances.
    • The city hosts various music festivals, including Lollapalooza, attracting music enthusiasts from all over.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

    • Illinois offers diverse natural landscapes, including national parks, lakes, and forests.
    • Starved Rock State Park, located near Utica, offers breathtaking views, waterfalls, and hiking trails.
    • The Illinois River and Lake Michigan provide boating, fishing, and water sports opportunities.
    • The Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with camping, hiking, and horseback riding options.

Quality of Life and Community

    • Illinois is known for its strong sense of community and welcoming atmosphere.
    • The state provides a high quality of life with excellent healthcare facilities and educational institutions.
    • According to a survey, over 80% of Illinois residents report a strong sense of community belonging.
    • The state has numerous community events, farmers’ markets, and recreational programs that foster a close-knit community spirit.

Accessible Transportation Networks

    • Illinois has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, making it easy to travel within and beyond.
    • Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, offering convenient domestic and international flights.
    • The state has an extensive network of highways and interstates, facilitating easy commuting and transportation of goods.
    • Public transportation options, including buses and trains, provide convenient travel within cities and neighboring states.

Diverse Housing Options

    • Illinois offers a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets.
    • The housing market includes apartments, townhouses, single-family homes, and luxury residences.
    • According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median home value in Illinois is $202,200.
    • The state’s diverse neighborhoods cater to various lifestyles, from bustling urban areas to quiet suburban communities.


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How Much Does It Cost To Move From Florida To Illinois?

total cost of moving from florida to illinois

The total cost depends on various factors like the weight and distance of your move, additional moving services, etc. Generally, Florida moving company charges a flat rate. Weight and mileage are factors to increase your cost. For example, moving from central Florida to Illinois moving cost will never be equal to moving to Illinois from Texas. Also, your cost will increase depending on how many moving services you need.

However, we’ve made a list of average relocation costs that will help you to get an idea about the relocation cost. Note that, this is often not an exact list. Your cost may increase or decrease, counting on the movers and the relocation services you choose.

Distance 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
<50 miles $595-$1,020 $1760-$3,190 $1,920-$6,530
250 miles $1,100-$2,250 $2,300-$4,300 $4,250-$5,700
1000 miles+ $1,500-$3,000 $3,140-$5,960 $6,380-$10,010
2500 miles+ $1,925-$4,275 $4,240-$8,550 $9,550-$14,100

Can You Recommend Some Affordable Movers For moving from Florida to Illinois?

We understand that budget is one of the most important parts when moving from FL to IL. It is often difficult to find an affordable mover who is also extremely reliable. In order to help you get started with research, we have compiled a list of some highly coveted, reliable movers. We always like to remind our viewers that this is not a complete list, and we have lots of reliable movers. To get free moving quotes from the best Illinois movers, simply fill out the form above. We will contact you in 60 seconds.

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Taking the opposite path? With our Moving from Illinois to Florida guide, we’ve got you covered.

What should you do before Moving From Florida to Illinois: Follow the Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist for Moving from Florida to Illinois
1. Create a Moving Plan
– Determine moving date and schedule
– Research and hire a moving company
– Obtain moving quotes and compare prices
2. Declutter and Organize
– Sort belongings: keep, sell, donate, discard
– Host a garage sale or sell online
– Donate usable items to local charities
– Dispose of hazardous materials properly
3. Notify Important Parties
– Contact utility companies for disconnection
– Update address with post office and banks
– Notify credit card companies and institutions
4. Pack and Label Boxes
– Gather packing supplies (boxes, tape, etc.)
– Pack room by room and label boxes
– Keep essential items separately for easy access
– Consider hiring professionals for fragile items
5. Arrange Transportation
– Decide on hiring a moving truck or moving company
– If driving, plan your route and stops
– Consider necessary permits for moving trucks
6. Update Personal Information
– Change address on driver’s license and car registration
– Update address for insurance policies
– Inform schools and healthcare providers
– Update voter registration
7. Complete Pre-Move Tasks
– Cancel or transfer memberships and subscriptions
– Forward mail to your new address
– Clean your current residence thoroughly
– Take photos of your belongings for insurance purposes
8. Arrive and Settle in Illinois
– Unpack and organize your belongings
– Connect utilities and set up services
– Explore your new neighborhood and surroundings
– Update your driver’s license and car registration


A Comparison when moving from Florida to Illinois

Florida Illinois
The average gross rent was $1700 The average gross rent was $1100
The cost of gasoline for Florida was 4.35 U.S. Dollars. The cost of gasoline for Illinois was 4.497 U.S. Dollars
The average cost of food in Florida is $48 per day. The average cost of food in Illinois is $38 per day.

Some affordable places to move from Florida to Illinois

What is causing people to relocate to Illinois? Things can get difficult because there will be no job and no money at the start. That is why it is a good idea to relocate to a place where living expenses are lower. There are a few places in Illinois where a person can live in a budget-friendly and affordable manner. Among them, some positions are listed below-

best affordable places in florida


Rockford offers a variety of affordable housing options, making it an attractive place to live for those moving from Florida. The cost of living in Rockford is generally lower than in larger cities like Chicago, allowing residents to stretch their budgets further. With a median home price below the national average, Rockford provides opportunities for affordable homeownership. Additionally, the city is known for its vibrant arts scene and numerous outdoor recreational activities, providing residents with affordable entertainment options.


Peoria is another affordable place to consider when moving from Florida to Illinois. The cost of living in Peoria is generally lower compared to larger cities, and the city offers a range of affordable housing options to suit different budgets. Residents can find affordable apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Peoria also boasts a rich cultural heritage and hosts various festivals throughout the year, providing residents with affordable opportunities to engage in cultural activities and celebrations.


Decatur is an affordable city in Illinois that offers a lower cost of living and a favorable housing market. Housing prices in Decatur are generally more affordable compared to larger cities in the state. The city provides a range of housing options, including apartments and houses, that are budget-friendly. In addition to its affordability, Decatur offers abundant job opportunities across various industries, ensuring residents can find employment that supports their financial needs.


Springfield, the capital of Illinois, is an affordable place to live with a range of housing options available. The city offers affordable real estate prices, making it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking to purchase a home. Springfield is also rich in historical and cultural attractions, providing residents with affordable opportunities to explore the city’s heritage and engage in cultural activities. Access to quality education and healthcare facilities further enhances the quality of life in Springfield.


Champaign-Urbana is an affordable place to live, particularly for students moving from Florida to Illinois. The cost of living in Champaign-Urbana is generally lower compared to larger cities, making it an ideal choice for students on a budget. The city is home to the University of Illinois, offering affordable educational opportunities. Champaign-Urbana also boasts a thriving arts and entertainment scene, providing residents with affordable cultural experiences and recreational activities.

Things To Do In Illinois after Moving from Florida

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in Illinois. The natural sources are the everglades national park, rock cut state park, etc. Illinois has many beautiful beaches like Waukegan beach, Kenosha, etc. Some amusement parks include Walt Disney World, universal studios, Busch Gardens, etc. Also, you will find some professional sports teams in Illinois.

Discover the Magnificence of Chicago

Begin your Illinois adventure by exploring the iconic city of Chicago. Indulge in the world-class architecture, stunning skyline, and vibrant cultural scene that define the Windy City.
Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Navy Pier, enjoy breathtaking views from the Willis Tower Skydeck, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Millennium Park, home to the famous “Bean” sculpture.
Don’t forget to indulge in Chicago’s culinary delights, from deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to diverse international cuisines found in the city’s bustling neighborhoods.

Immerse Yourself in History

Step back in time and delve into the rich history of Illinois. Visit Springfield, the capital, and explore the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where you can learn about the life and legacy of the esteemed 16th president.
Discover the fascinating past of Illinois Route 66, often referred to as the “Main Street of America,” with its nostalgic roadside attractions, vintage diners, and quirky museums.
Explore the historic town of Galena, known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture, quaint shops, and charming bed and breakfasts.

Experience Nature’s Beauty

Illinois is blessed with diverse natural landscapes that offer opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Visit Starved Rock State Park, where you can hike through breathtaking canyons, witness stunning waterfalls, and enjoy scenic views of the Illinois River.
Explore the Shawnee National Forest, with its rugged trails, picturesque bluffs, and unique rock formations like the Garden of the Gods.
Head to the picturesque Garden of the West, also known as the Quad Cities, and enjoy outdoor activities along the Mississippi River, including boating, fishing, and biking.

Dive into Cultural Delights

Immerse yourself in Illinois’ cultural scene by visiting world-class museums and art galleries. The Art Institute of Chicago houses an impressive collection of artworks, including masterpieces by renowned artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Experience the vibrant music scene by attending a live jazz performance in Chicago’s legendary jazz clubs or enjoying outdoor music festivals such as Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival.
Discover Illinois’ agricultural heritage at the annual Illinois State Fair, where you can indulge in local delicacies, enjoy live entertainment, and experience thrilling rides.


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