Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Movers And Services

The average cost of commercial movers near you depends on various factors. They will charge approximately $600-$1800 depending on the truck loading time and the number of movers. With 30 years of experience in the moving sector, We are connected with the best-licensed movers in the industry. We served 955,897 (and counting) happy customers. We are connected with more than 200+ moving companies nationwide. Save your precious time and money by submitting the form. We promise you that you have to do nothing. Our corporate movers will do all the work for you once you hire them. You may be spending time online searching for “Commercial movers near me.” That means you are not sure who to hire for an office move.

Are you looking for a way to move your business anywhere around the USA? BuzzMoving is here to help. When you are dealing with any office move around the USA, you need a reliable corporate relocation company. These companies have expertly trained workers to minimize your moving hassle. They will swiftly and securely move any kind of office furniture or even delicate cabinets full of sensitive files to your new home. Furthermore, reliable office movers have the training, and moving experience, to plan and execute your move. They will fulfill your commercial needs if you’re moving your business to other places.

professional commercial moving companies

Some Affordable Commercial Movers Near You

We know that moving a whole office is a challenging task to do. That’s why we recommend you some highly trained and professional office movers. You just need to fill up the form and stay relaxed.

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Finding Professional Corporate Movers Near You

When done right, an office transfer won’t affect business or productivity. Getting your staff overinvolved will produce complications and loss of time. Here are a few reasons why recruiting experts help is the way to go:


Professional movers are experts at moving. So they can easily take care of any complications that might arise.

Insured And Certified

All of the office relocators in our network have certified workers. They have all the insurance and permits they need.


The relocators have all the tools they need to move office furniture and other items safely. So, there is no worry about the furniture installation at the new location.

Setup After Delivery

Corporate relocators will offer setup services after they deliver your items. So your office will be out of commission for the least amount of time possible. It can be very simple to get started. Fill up our form on BuzzMoving.com. And find a reliable and expert business relocator all around the USA. We will get you in touch with local movers specializing in business and corporate moves.

What Is The Average Cost Of Commercial Movers?

When thinking to move your office, you may think about the cost. To make things easy for you, we are giving some information. Note that this is approximate cost information. You can get some idea’s from this information.

Corporate relocators generally charge hourly. The total cost depends on some factors like your move size, distance, number of relocators, etc. If you rent a truck with two movers, it will cost you approximately $150 per hour. The cost will increase if you rent two trucks and five movers. The average price will be about $200 per hour. 

Guide To The Commercial Moving Process

Large-scale companies usually appoint a person to manage and oversee the moving operation. This manager will handle all the issues and tasks related to the move. Also, the relocation company coordinator works directly with this person. They plan all the details of the activity. Typically, your standard office moving process will be something like this:

The moving quote process at BuzzMoving is relatively simple. First, fill in all the necessary details. Then, we will

put you in contact with local relocators around the USA that suit your needs. Professional relocation companies usually have an efficient coordinator. First, he will talk to you about the details of the job. Then, he will take notes about the specifics and give you an estimate of the service cost.

So, get a free quote and discuss your move.

Visual Walkthrough

You will talk to a moving agency for the first time. Then the moving coordinator will set up a walkthrough of the offices with your manager

office relocation

During this walk-through, the coordinator will look at both the office and where the movement is going. He’ll cover elevator capacity and usage limits, the best floor plan, and the move’s timing.

The coordinator must know each person’s demands. Also, he should know the office’s schedule to track any relocation concerns. You’ll ensure the management process runs well so your business isn’t affected.


On the day of the move, the relocators will set up everything to be boxed and begin packing all the office furniture. This includes desks, inventory, cubicles, and other office supplies. 

Pro-business movers may commit to an individual team. They will box up your gadgets and IT systems. However, relocators usually deconstruct and box up employees’ desks and equipment. Most businesses prefer that employees do this chore on their own. This helps to avoid needless confusion after unboxing. So the relocators will label crates or containers and drop them off at each of the employee’s workstations.

The day before the move, the workers put everything in these crates. The expert Office relocators then take the boxes to their new desks.


The relocators use the floor plan of the new office to set up the boxes and appliances to be moved. Everything is marked with the right label so the relocators can put it in the right place when they get there.

moving appliances


Office relocators will schedule the move at night or on the weekend. The relocators have high-tech tools for moving that will keep your things safe while they move. The relocator also protects your business and ensures it doesn’t get damaged.


The unpacking is crucial to the entire moving process. Because if it’s done wrong, it will be a nightmare to put everything back where it belongs and make sure it’s right. So the people who helped put the cubicles back together were very careful to put each box on the right desk. 

Corporate moving services may also provide a specialist team of knowledgeable office relocators to assist in re-establishing the networking and IT infrastructure. But, again, this is to make sure a minimal effect on office productivity.

When moving offices or attempting any corporate relocation, timing is vital. Recruiting a skilled corporate moving

company reduces damage and lost time. Administration and IT will move first.

What Services Are Corporate Movers Near Me Offer?

Below are some of the moving services that relocators provide. Business moving services you might need for the move depend on things like the size and type of your business. The bigger and more structured your business is, the more complex of a job it is to relocate.

Moving Locally

A short-distance office move is when you move a single office inside the same town or to a building not far away. In such cases, professional relocators can quickly and efficiently finish the task. A cross-town job can be done in little as a day if everything goes smoothly. The overall cost for local moving companies is less as well.

Long Distance Office Relocation

Moving your corporate headquarters requires additional time and work. In addition, when moving across one or more states, large coordination is necessary for both the business and the relocators. There are many details to look after and many things that can go wrong in a long-distance commercial move. So, most operations are broken up into multiple steps to make sure they work as well as possible.

Furniture And Equipment

An expert office relocator can handle appliances, cubicles, and file cabinet systems. They’re trained to disassemble and reassemble products for shipment and delivery.


Thus they can take care of any complications that might arise and make sure a smooth transfer of all items.

Packing And Unpacking

Typically the employees pack their workstations and desks by themselves. The relocators leave them pre-labeled boxes, which they need to fill up before the day of the move.

full service moving

But if you want a full-service plan, the office movers will divide the work areas and box them separately. Then, they will follow the floor plan you provide to organize everything for delivery. This way, you avoid your employees wasting any work hours.

Computer Systems And IT


The office’s computer network and systems are vital to daily operations. For example, during a business move, the relocator works with IT to set up and activate the computer network.

File Disposal And Recycling

Many offices take the move as a chance to eliminate tons of redundant files and outdated folders. However, these files would cost more to erase later. Thus, relocators offer secret disposal services.


Short-Term Storage

When moving to a smaller office, you will need a place to store your things temporarily. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to find a trustworthy temporary storage company to keep your furniture and files safe.


So, companies also provide a short-term storage solution if needed.


Getting a moving quote from us will also enable you to compare various companies’ prices to get the best deal to meet your commercial moving needs. Be prepared with information such as the

  • Move’s overall size
  • Distance
  • Desired timetable

Buzzmoving has a vast network of moving teams. They are moving professionals and will make a successful office move. Our relocators provide office moving services and residential moving services. Contact us If you need a commercial relocator and we’ll ensure your move a safe one.

Get your free moving quote today if you are planning to a commercial move! Best of luck with your move.


Q: What is a commercial move?

A: A commercial move is a process of relocating a business from one location to another. This typically involves transporting office furniture and equipment, as well as potentially setting up new technology and utilities in the new location.

Q: What do most movers charge per hour?

A: The cost of recruiting a mover can vary depending on a number of factors, including the distance of the move, the amount of stuff that moved, and the offer of the specific services. Most companies generally charge an hourly rate for their services, ranging from around $150 to $200 per hour for a two-person moving crew.

Q: What day is the cheapest to find movers?

A: In general, mid-week moves (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) tend to be less expensive than moves on the weekends.

Q: What is the cheapest way to move goods?


  • Rent a truck or trailer and do the move yourself. This can be a good option if you’ve a lot of friends or family members who can help you with the heavy lifting.
  • Use a moving container or storage unit. This can be a cost-effective option because you can take your time packing and loading the container, and you don’t have to worry about driving a rental truck. You can rent a container for your home, or you can keep your stuff in the relocators warehouse.
  • Use a freight company. Freight companies specialize in moving large items, such as furniture and appliances. This can be a cheaper alternative than recruiting a full-service relocator.
  • Sell or donate some of your belongings.

Q: Do you pay movers before or after?

A: It is generally standard practice to pay relocators after the job is completed.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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