Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Moving

Are you looking for a way to move offices anywhere around the USA? Not sure who to hire for a commercial move? BuzzMoving is here to help. When you are dealing with any sort of office move around the USA, you need a professional commercial moving company. These companies have workers trained to swiftly and securely move any kind of office furniture, equipment, or even delicate cabinets full of sensitive files. Furthermore, commercial movers have the training and equipment to properly plan and execute your relocation while reducing any risk of damage to your property.

Whether you are moving your business long-distance, locally, or even just one floor above around the USA – we have got you covered. There are 100+ certified and professional moving companies all around the USA within our network that specialize in commercial office moves. Searching for the right moving company can be both frustrating and very time-consuming. With BuzzMoving, you can avoid all that hassle and find deals on the best commercial moving companies near you.

Guide to The Commercial Moving Process

Large-scale companies will usually appoint a person who will manage and oversee the entire moving operation. This manager will handle all of the issues and tasks related to the moving. Additionally, the moving company coordinator works directly with this person to sort out all of the relocation details. Typically, your standard office moving process will be something like this:

Getting a Quote:

The moving quote process at BuzzMoving is relatively simple. After you have filled in all the necessary details, we will put you in contact with local moving companies around the USA that suit your needs. These professional moving companies usually have a coordinator that will discuss the details of the job with you. He will take notes about the specifics and give you an estimate on the service cost.

Visual Walkthrough:

Once you have had the initial discussion with a moving company, the moving coordinator will schedule an on-site walkthrough of the offices with your appointed manager. This walkthrough will consist of the coordinator visually examining both the office and the destination of the move. He will go over all the minute details, such as the elevator capacity and usage restrictions, the ideal floor plan, and the move’s timeline. The coordinator will also need to be informed about everybody’s specific needs and the office schedule so that he can make notes of any distinctive challenges that may arise during the moving process. Together, you’ll make sure that the management process goes smoothly to minimize any disturbance to your day-to-day business.


On the day of the relocation, the movers will sort everything out for packaging and start packing all of the office furniture. This includes desks, cubicles, and other office equipment. Professional commercial moving companies might even dedicate an entire crew just to the packaging of your electronics, PCs, and IT systems if necessary. In the case of the employees’ workstations and equipment, the movers will typically disassemble and package them on their own. Despite that, companies prefer that the employees handle this task on their own to avoid unnecessary confusion after unpacking. So the movers will label crates or containers and drop them off at each of the employee workstations. The employees have instructions to put everything in these crates the day before the move. The commercial movers then transfer the crates to their pre-assigned desks at the new location.



The movers all follow the new office floor plan to organize the crates and furniture for transport. Everything is tagged with the corresponding label so that the movers can place them on the correct spot upon arrival.


Professional commercial movers will arrange the timetable so that the actual moving of the boxes, furniture, and equipment to your new office occurs during the night or over the weekend. The movers have sophisticated relocation tools to ensure the safety of your possessions during the transport process. The moving company takes such measures to limit any possible disruption or damage to your business.


The unpacking is crucial to the entire moving process. Because if done incorrectly, it will be a nightmare to get everything back into place and correctly. So movers put the utmost care into rebuilding cubicles and placing each box at its designated desk. Commercial moving companies might also offer specialized crews of movers to help re-establishing the networking and IT infrastructure. This is to ensure minimal effect on office productivity. When moving offices or attempting any corporate relocation, timing is vital. While you might cooperate with employees to complete the move, the potential risk of damage and the loss of man-hours make hiring a professional commercial moving company a much better decision. The high-priority departments such as the Administration and IT will be the first to be relocated.

Services Offered by Movers

Below are some of the services that commercial moving companies provide. Factors such as your business’s overall size and type determine the services you might require for the move. The bigger and more structured your business is, the more complex of a job it is to relocate.

Moving Locally

If you are moving offices locally (i.e., within the town or to a building not far away), it is considered a short-distance office move. In such cases, professional commercial movers can finish the task very quickly and efficiently. A cross-town job can be done in little as a day if everything goes smoothly. The overall cost for a local office move is less as well.

Long Distance Office Relocation

If you are planning to move your office headquarters long distance, the moving company needs more time and effort to complete the job. When moving across one or more states, a substantial degree of coordination is necessary for both the business and the movers. There are many details to look after and many things that can go wrong in a long-distance commercial move. The entire operation is usually broken up into multiple stages to ensure maximum efficiency.

Furniture And Equipment

Professional commercial movers are well equipped to deal with any sort of furniture, cubicles, or file cabinet systems that you might have. They receive training to disassemble these items for transport and reassemble them after they reach the destination. Thus they can take care of any complications that might arise and ensure a smooth transfer of all items.

Packing And Unpacking

Typically the employees pack their workstations and desks by themselves. The movers leave them pre-labeled boxes, which they need to fill up before the day of the move. full-service-moving But if you require a full-service moving plan, the commercial movers will separate and package the work areas independently. They will follow the floor plan that you provide to organize everything for delivery. This way, you avoid your employees wasting any work-hours on the relocation.

Computer Systems and IT

The electronic network and computer systems of the office are essential to the day-to-day operation of the business. In case of corporate relocation, the moving company will work extensively with your IT department to ensure the computer network is installed and working as soon as possible after the move.

File Disposal and Recycling

Many offices take the move as a chance to get rid of tones of redundant files and outdated folders. These would cost extra money to remove later, so professional movers offer services to dispose of such files confidentially.

Short-Term Storage

When relocating to a smaller office, you will require some temporary storage for your items. This means extra hassle for you to find a reliable storage company that can ensure your furniture and files’ safety. So, companies also provide a short-term storage solution if needed.

Finding Professional Commercial Moving Companies

When done correctly, an office move will have minimal impact on your business and overall productivity. Getting your staff overinvolved will just produce complications and loss of time. Here are a few reasons why hiring professional help is the way to go:


Professional movers are experts at moving, and so, they can take care of any complications that might arise with ease.

Insured and Certified:

The commercial movers within our network all have certified professionals who possess all the necessary insurance and permits.


The movers have special equipment necessary to move all the office furniture and miscellaneous objects without damage.

Setup after delivery:

Commercial moving companies will provide after-delivery setup services to ensure minimal downtime for your office space. It can be very simple to get started. Fill up our form on BuzzMoving.com and find a reliable and professional business moving company all around the USA. We will put you in touch with moving companies located near you that specialize in commercial moves. Getting a moving quote from us will also enable you to compare various companies’ prices to get the best deal for your needs.

Be prepared with information such as the move’s overall size, relocation distance, and desired timetable. Get your free moving quote today!

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