The Most Reliable Austin Texas Movers and Packing Services

Are you looking for the best Austin Texas movers and packers? If you’re planning a move to or from Austin, you must have many questions about the movers you’ll hire.

The first thing to clear up is the kind of move you’re having. If you’re moving within 100 miles of Austin, Texas, your move is local. Otherwise, it’s long-distance.

You may have a lot of questions about moving. It’s a tedious process, after all! We’re here to help you with all your queries. Firstly, we’ll take you through the services provided by Austin Texas movers and packers. We’ll also discuss how you can find out exact cost estimates. If you want access to free moving quotes, read till the end!

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Why Hire Austin Texas Movers And Packers

Since you are preparing for your move, you must’ve realized how tedious it can be. This is why hiring the best Austin Texas movers and packers is crucial! They can help relieve most of the burden from your shoulders to have a stress-free move.

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Packing and Unpacking Services

As their name suggests, Austin Texas movers and packers offer a range of packing services. Packing may sound like an easy task, but it is incredibly tedious. It can be a disaster if you don’t have the right packing material! Not to mention, you can have all the correct equipment and still mistakenly damage your furniture. This is why you should get professional packing services.

Movers can offer two types of packing services; full and partial. If you opt for a full-packing service, the Austin Texas movers and packers will pack your belongings. They have a variety of specialized packing materials suited to your specific needs.

If you opt for a partial packing service, the movers will only pack the pieces of furniture you instruct them to pack. The rest you will have to pack on your own! If you have decided on a partial packing service, please make sure that you will be able to pack the rest of your belongings by yourself!

Storage and Rental Services

When you have packed all your furniture, you will require a large space for keeping all the packed furniture in. This can be tedious because not everyone has a garage. Some apartment complexes don’t have garages. Even if you have a garage, it may be too small to fit all your furniture in.

Your vehicle may not have enough storage space for all your furniture. This makes sense since most privately owned vehicles are small and meant for single-use or family-use. They are not meant for storing a ton of furniture in!

In order to circumvent these issues, Austin Texas movers and packers provide both rental and storage services. If you need a car, you can opt for rental services. If you need storage services, they will give you a storage unit. You can store all your furniture there. On the day of the move, they will drive the unit to your new home.

Moving Heavy Appliances

Moving heavy objects is hard. When you also need to install those heavy objects, it can be a perilous situation. Are you worried about moving your washing machine and dishwasher? Don’t be concerned. The best Austin Texas movers and packers will help you uninstall, move, and reinstall all your heavy appliances for you.

Loading and Unloading Services

Once you’ve packed and stored your furniture and the day of the move arrives, you need to find a way to get that onto your vehicle! Not to mention, carrying furniture up flights of stairs is also tough. It’s easy to injure yourself while doing these tasks.

That’s why you should hire Austin Texas movers and packers. They provide loading and unloading services. The movers are going to carry all your furniture to and from your vehicle.

Moving A Single Piece of Furniture

Sometimes you may own a piece of furniture that you need to move separately from the rest. This could be because the furniture is too fragile. If you own art pieces, you may relate to this. It could also be incredibly expensive, such as a grand piano. On the other hand, you may just find it difficult to move because of its weight- such as a pool table.

If any of these scenarios sound relatable, Austin Texas movers and packers have the solution for you. You can move just one piece of furniture with their services.

Vehicle Shipping Services

You can also ship your vehicle across the states. This is convenient because most individuals don’t drive their own cars during the move.

How Much Will Austin Texas Movers And Packers Cost Me?

Your cost will depend on what kind of move you are planning to have. Local and long-distance moves have different metrics when it comes to deciding costs.

Local Moves vs Long-Distance Moves

A flat payment per hour is charged by local movers. This means, for local moves, the longer your move, the higher your cost. Long-distance movers charge a flat rate based on the mileage and the cubic weight of your furniture. It’s important to note that different Austin Texas movers and packers charge different flat rates.

Mileage and Cubic Weight

Since mileage is a factor, the distance of the cities you’re moving between is a factor in cost determination. Hence, moving between Austin and Phoenix costs different than moving between Boston and Austin.

Additionally, often the size of your apartment is related to the cubic weight of your furniture. This is because the larger your home, supposedly the more furniture you own. Hence, if you’re moving from a five-bedroom apartment, that will be more expensive than a one-bedroom one!

Seasons, Festivals, and Holidays

An important thing to note when moving is that seasons affect your moving cost. Since summer is the most popular time to move it’s also the most expensive. Also, you should make sure that the day of your move isn’t a National Holiday and it doesn’t fall within a festival.

This is because there is lots of demand to move during holidays and during the summer. Hence, in Austin, Texas movers and packers often drive their prices up to match the growing demand.

Route and Inbound and Outbound Moves

If you’re unsure about what inbound and outbound moves are, we’ll break it down for you. The state you’re moving to is the inbound move. The state you’ve moved out of is the outbound move. If more people are moving out of a state than into one, your move will be more expensive.

Quantity and Range of Services

We have already discussed the quantity and range of services provided by Austin Texas movers and packers. You should note that the number of services you avail of will increase your cost. If you need a lot of services, your cost will be higher. If you need a few, it’ll be lower.

Additionally, the type of service you require will also affect your cost. For instance, both partial and full packing services are part of the same service: packing. However, they cost different! So you should keep that in mind as well when budgeting.

How Can I Know The Cost Estimates Of Austin Texas Movers And Packers?

You can peruse the websites of Austin Texas movers and packers. Oftentimes they have their costs on display. Sometimes, however, you may need to directly call them up to know about costs. We understand this can be tedious. If you’re in the initial stages of looking for a mover, you may not want to directly call them up.

If you’re in that situation, we would recommend getting instant moving quotes that you can find online. You’ll be happy to know that we can help you with that. We have a vast network of licensed and reliable Austin Texas movers and packers. All you have to do is fill out this form. Once you’ve done that, you will get access to FREE instant moving quotes! Our quotes come with no-strings-attached, so don’t worry at all! You’ll be able to have rates of movers, and you can easily compare them to make the best decision for yourself!

Can You Recommend The Best Movers And Packers?

We have compiled a list of some of the most renowned Austin Texas movers and packers below. Please note that this is not our complete list! We just wanted to help you fast-track your research. If you would like access to our complete list of reliable movers, please fill out this form.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC / Texas DOT Number
All My Sons 5 1603843 614789
AB Moving 5 1939700 861570
3 Men Movers 5 1914113  
Bailey’s Moving & Storage 5 321642  
Gentle Moving 5    


Moving is a tedious process, but hiring the right Austin Texas movers and packers can ease your hardships. If you’re looking for free moving quotes and a complete list of movers, please consider filling out our form!

Happy moving.

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