Professional Fine Art Packers and Shippers Services for You

Looking for fine art packers and shippers near you? If you are an art enthusiast and are looking to move, you may be in a pickle. Maybe you have many fine art prints, collected from galleries or museums. Maybe you are in art school. Or maybe you just really love art, and you want to take all the fine art pieces that you have collected over time to your new home. You could also be shipping artwork to galleries and museums yourself! Either way, we are here to help you. If you are relocating fine art, you will need to hire fine art packers and shippers.

Fine art packers and shippers will make moving art incredibly easy for you. Art shippers are packing experts, moving and installing fine art. They are equipped with all the necessary packing material to make sure that you’re fine art prints aren’t damaged during the move. Furthermore, they will also handle the paperwork related to the formalities of shipping art. This way the administrative difficulties won’t be an issue for you at all. Additionally, trusted art shippers can also help with handling insurance for your art.


What Kind of Services Do Fine Art Movers?

Professional fine art packers and shippers will provide an array of services including packing, shipping, crating, insurance and installation. Most trusted art shipping services have a network of moving companies, which can handle art shipments. This means they can offer logistical support regardless of whether you are shipping your fine art pieces by air, land, or sea. They will provide white glove delivery to your final destination so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your art. There are many different services provided by art packing and shipping companies.

Fine Art Collection and Packing and Installation Services

Most fine art packers and shippers will provide collection and packing services. Since fine art can be fragile, it is important to pack the artwork correctly to ensure it isn’t damaged during the move. They will have all the necessary packing materials, as needed for your artwork. This includes but is not limited to soft blankets for wrapping the artwork in, bubble wrap, covers, and protective boxes.

Such art shipping companies consist of experts who have years of industry experience, so they will be able to know what specific packing material to use for which specific artwork. After the packing is over, your art pieces can be delivered to their destination. Once your art piece has arrived at its destination, fine art movers can unpack and install the art in place. Whether your art is being showcased at a gallery or being moved to a museum, they can install your fine art in its perfect position.

Crate Services Provided By Fine Art Packers

If you are moving your art overseas- don’t worry about it! Fine art packers and shippers provide crate services for overseas shipments. They make custom-made wooden crates, specifically tailored to your art piece. Whether you need simple, economical wooden crates, or you’re looking into large, museum-quality exhibition crates, art movers will be able to provide it all. Furthermore, they will make sure they are complying with international wood crating certifications and will build you the finest crate. It is important to note that the specific kind of wood may vary between different art movers.

Shipping Services Provided By Fine Art Packers and Shippers

Fine art packers and shippers can coordinate domestic and international fine art shipping. Depending on the route that you chose, they can provide specific services for you. For instance, they have an interconnected network with most airports around the globe and can help with customs brokerage services and import VAT and duty payments. Furthermore, they can also facilitate sea shipping routes by getting in touch with different ports and coordinating your delivery according to your deadline.

Administrative Services Provided By Fine Art Packers and Shippers

Fine art packers and shippers can also help with art insurance. Insurance is incredibly important in case of any unforeseen circumstances that might damage your art, so it’s crucial to have your precious art pieces insured. Fine art movers can help you with the paperwork of insuring your art. Additionally, as previously mentioned, they can take care of all the administrative duties that are related to art shipping. From taking care of VAT and custom services to insurance they can handle it all! They can also handle temporary exports if you are sending your art off to a fair, or permanent exports if you are selling your art!

Cost To Hire Fine Art Packers & Movers?

The cost of hiring fine art movers will depend on the specific service that you require, and whether your shipment is flying overseas or not. Overseas shipments cost more due to the added administrative paperwork that’s associated with them. If you want to know the exact costs, then it’s best to call up the fine art packer and shipper you are thinking of hiring and tell them about your specific circumstance so that they can give you an exact cost.

You can alternatively also look through the websites of trusted art shipping companies to see charges for specific services. If all that seems too tiring, you can also fill up our quick and easy form, which will take you about 2 minutes, and get a free no-strings-attached quote about fine art packers and shippers. This will help you get estimates of the costs and will help you make the best decision with regard to which specific fine art mover is suitable for you.


If you are an art enthusiast looking to move fine art, you must hire fine art packers and shippers because they are going to take care of your art pieces. These industry experts provide a variety of export services, but they also are a great help with regard to helping you with paperwork. BuzzMoving is here to help you with all your queries related to fine art packers and shippers! If you want a quick way to get cost estimations, feel free to fill up our form and avail a free quote now!

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