Benefits of Hiring Professional Out of State Movers in Chicago

Are you looking for out-of-state movers in Chicago? If you are looking to move into Chicago from a different state, you would need to hire state-to-state movers, who operate in Chicago. If you want to move out of Chicago, you would also need out-of-state or long-distance movers based in Chicago.

One of the main reasons to move to Chicago is the affordability; you can get the same experience of living in a busy city without breaking the bank to pay rent! There is also a lot of diversity, good job opportunities, and stellar public transportation services in Chicago.

Inter-state movers facilitate moves between states, long-distance movers facilitate any moves that are more than 100 miles, and out-of-state movers can facilitate your move out of any state.

Why Hire Interstate Movers in Chicago?

If you are relocating and moving into a completely different state, it’s best to hire professional interstate Chicago-based movers. Chicago out-of-state movers provide full relocation services, including moving, packing, heavy appliance moving, coordination of third parties, and much more. Moving between states on your own can be difficult, but hiring professional out-of-state movers based in Chicago can help facilitate your move in a way that takes the burden off you. Chicago-based long-distance movers have multiple services that you can avail of, which will help your move be an extremely painless one.

Additional Moving Services for Chicago Movers:

Long-Distance Moving Provided By Out-Of-State Movers in Chicago

We have already talked about how any relocation that spans over 100 miles is a long-distance move. All Chicago-based out-of-state movers provide long-distance moving services. They can provide the vehicles necessary for moving all your furniture into or out of Chicago. Out-of-state Chicago movers also have equipment that is necessary for loading and unloading your heavy furniture into their vehicles.

Moving One Piece of Furniture By Out-Of-State Movers to or from Chicago

Moving into or out of Chicago? No problem. Only need to move one piece of furniture? That’s no problem for interstate Chicago movers either! Long-distance movers based in Chicago can move only one piece of furniture if that’s what you need. All you would need to do is weigh the furniture and tell the out-of-state movers the exact dimensions of it. It’s extremely crucial to avail of this service if you need to move a belonging that’s extremely heavy, or very expensive. The Chicago-based interstate movers will take very good care of your furniture. They will pack the furniture, unload it in their vehicle, and drive it to its new location!

Packing and Unpacking Services Provided by Out-of-State Chicago Movers

Maybe you don’t just need help to move your furniture, you also need help packing the furniture. That’s no issue for out-of-state Chicago movers either! Long-distance moving companies based in Chicago offer additional packing and unpacking services to those who require them. The interstate movers will come to your place and examine the furniture that needs packing. They will bring specialized packing and loading equipment like bubble wrap, straps to hold furniture in place, and dollies. After driving your furniture to your new home inside or outside Chicago, the interstate movers will also unload and unpack your belongings.

Additional Services by Chicago Movers

Maybe you can pack all your furniture on your own, but you don’t have a vehicle big enough to fit your furniture in. No problem! Out-of-state Chicago-based movers can provide additional services like rental services or storage units. You can place all the furniture that you can’t move in those storage units, and the long-distance movers will drive the unit to your new place! Need heavy appliance moving services? That’s no problem either. Long-distance movers in Chicago also provide heavy appliance moving services. This means they can help uninstall your washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers. They can carefully package said heavy appliances, and drive them to your new home in Chicago. The out-of-state movers will also help reinstall your appliances!

If you need help protecting your furniture, tracking your shipments, or need express deliveries, don’t worry at all. Interstate Chicago movers also provide these services, and they can also coordinate your move with third parties. If you need to track your shipments to know exactly how long they will take, or you need to make sure your furniture isn’t damaged during the move, long-distance movers will take care of that too!

Planning Before Hiring Interstate Movers 

The first thing you want to do before hiring interstate Chicago movers is to do your research. Have you planned out what life will be like in Chicago? To find the correct out-of-state mover in Chicago, you need to do lots of research as well. Talk to your friends and family. Research the neighborhood you are moving into, and see which long-distance moving companies are most active around that area. You also need to plan well before hiring out-of-state movers in Chicago. How much does your furniture weigh? Do you need additional packing or rental services? Once you are settled into your new home, do you need long-distance movers to move your furniture into your home? You need to think all of these things through because the movers will ask you very specific questions to determine the ultimate cost.

How Much It Will Cost?

Long-distance Chicago movers charge based on mileage. However, if you are planning on moving a very select amount of furniture, then interstate Chicago movers would charge based on the weight of your belongings. Traditionally, even though compare long-distance moving prices are over 100 miles, most of them end up being 500 miles long. On average, long-distance Chicago movers would charge $2000 for a move of 500 miles, if you don’t require any additional services. The costs can go up depending on mileage, and the number of additional services you want. The same 500-mile move can cost up to $5000 if you need full relocation services including packing, storage, and unpacking. Additionally, it is customary to tip your mover about 15%, which would also factor into your total cost.

For moving one piece of furniture long-distance, the costs can vary. Most interstate Chicago movers would charge $150 on average per piece of furniture, but this would depend on the weight. For instance, moving one grand piano can cost you more than $600. If you want accurate cost breakdowns, you should directly talk to the long-distance Chicago-based moving company you are thinking of hiring. Another easy way of getting to know the rates of out-of-state moving companies in Chicago is to get free moving quotes online. You can get one from us by filling up our easy-to-fill form, which will take only 2 minutes. After that, you will get instant, no-strings-attached free quotes that will help you compare prices of out-of-state movers in Chicago so that you can make the best decision for yourself.


If you are thinking of moving into or out of Chicago, you should hire Chicago-based out-of-state movers. These interstate movers provide full relocation services, and also additional services which can help you move without worrying about a single thing. Whether you are moving everything you own or just one piece of furniture across the state, Chicago interstate movers will have you covered. Just make sure to prepare well, and feel free to fill up our form to access free moving quotes online. Happy moving!

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