Moving to Oregon from Colorado | Complete Oregon Moving Guide

Moving to Oregon from Colorado? We can certainly understand why! Oregon boasts an expansive coastline and some beautiful natural scenery with plenty of mountains. Additionally, it has a booming economy and no sales tax! The weather is beautiful. The winter is cold here and you will find many beaches there. The food scene is great, and real estate is very affordable.

map moving to Oregon from Colorado

There are some cons to moving to Oregon, though. On average, it can be slightly more expensive than Colorado. However, Oregon also boasts some of the best education institutions in the country. Not to mention, Portland is now thought to be one of the most sought-after cities that people want to move to.

Regardless of why you are moving, you will need to hire long-distance movers.

How Much Will Long-distance Movers Cost Me?

The average cost of moving to Florida from NJ is anywhere between $900 to $6100. This is an estimate, however, because there are plenty of factors that go into determining your cost.

However, we have made a table for you in which you will get an idea of the average moving cost.

Distance 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
<50 miles $595-$1,020 $1760-$3,190 $1,920-$6,530
250 miles $1,100-$2,250 $2,300-$4,300 $4,250-$5,700
1000 miles+ $1,500-$3,000 $3,140-$5,960 $6,380-$10,010
2500 miles+ $1,925-$4,275 $4,240-$8,550 $9,550-$14,100

Things That Can Increase Your Moving Costs

Weight And Mileage

Your total cost will depend on a lot of different factors. Firstly, it will depend on which moving company you hire. Long-distance movers charge a flat rate based on mileage and cubic weight. Hence, if you move to Portland from Denver, your cost will be different than moving from Boulder to San Francisco. Different companies also have slightly different flat rates.

Move Size

The size of your apartment matters. Since the amount of furniture is a factor, it’s a corollary that the larger your apartment, the higher your total cost. Hence, moving into a one-bedroom apartment will be more affordable than a three-bedroom one.

Number Of Services

Another phenomenon that adds to your cost is the number of services you avail of. If you require numerous services, your total cost will be much higher. It’s customary to tip your movers about 15%, hence please factor that into your budget as well!!


Some miscellaneous factors which add to your cost will be the time of the year you’ve chosen to move during and the route that you’ve selected.

Moving Cost Calculator

There are multiple ways to figure out your total cost, the most common of which is to contact the movers directly. Their contact information will be on their website, which will make it easy. Additionally, you can also just peruse their websites to see their costs which are often listed on their website.

Another way to know about costs is to get free moving quotes online. You can avail of instant no-strings-attached moving quotes from us too! If you have a few minutes, feel free to fill out our form. After that, you will get free moving quotes. This will help you make the best decision for yourself with regard to which mover is the best fit for you!

Can You Recommend Some Good Movers When Moving To Oregon From Colorado?

movers moving to Oregon from Colorado

We know budgetary constraints are a massive factor when it comes to moving. Hence, you might be looking for affordable movers who can move to Oregon from Colorado. We have compiled a list of a few trustworthy movers. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list but is only meant to be a stepping stone! This will help you fast-track your research.

Allied Van LinesStar 5USDot 76235MC 15735Price $$$
North American Van linesStar 5USDot 70851MC 107012Price $$$
Alliance MoversStar 5USDot 76235MC 15735Price $$$
Infinity Van LinesStar 4.7USDot 1589011MC 588217Price $$$
Finest Movers IncStar 4.6USDot 1896009MC 681911Price $$

Why Should I Hire Long-distance Movers Before Moving To Oregon From Colorado?

You should hire long-distance movers to make your move completely stress-free!

Both Colorado and Oregon moving provide a plethora of useful services. These can range from packing services to moving single pieces of furniture to rental and storage services.

One of the most popular services that they provide is packing services. They can provide you with a full packing service. If you can pack some of your furniture but need help with others, you can also opt for a partial-packing service.If you need help moving single pieces of furniture, movers can help you with that as well. Need help moving a piano or a pool table? Movers specialize in moving one piece of furniture across long distances too!

Many individuals moving to Oregon from Colorado live in apartments without storage units. Or maybe your vehicle needs to be bigger to fit all your furniture in. If any of these situations sound familiar, don’t worry at all. Professional movers can provide you with storage units. They will also drive those storage units from your home in Colorado to your new home in Oregon!

Long story short, any service you require, long-distance movers can provide them!

How Do I Prepare For A Move When Moving To Oregon From Colorado?


When moving, it’s important to do your research in order to make the process as smooth as possible. This includes researching the moving costs and finding a reputable moving company.

To get an estimate for your move, you can use a moving calculator. This will give you an idea of what your move will cost. Keep in mind that the final cost may vary depending on the size and weight of your belongings, the distance of your move, and other factors.

It’s also a good idea to read reviews of moving companies before selecting one. This will help you avoid any scams or unethical companies.

Finally, be sure to contact your new city or town’s government office to find out about specific requirements for moving there. For example, some cities may require that you obtain a permit before moving large items like furniture into your new home.


You need to look up information about insurance. If you’re buying a house, for instance, you need to look at insurance in Oregon. It’s important to have adequate insurance coverage in case of any damages or losses. In addition, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover your belongings when they are being transported, so it’s important to check with your insurance company before moving.

insurance when moving to Oregon from Colorado

Some moving companies offer their own insurance policies, which can be helpful in case of any damages. However, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of these policies carefully to make sure you are fully covered.

In addition, it’s a good idea to take pictures of your belongings before moving them so you have documentation in case of any damage.

Dmv Change Of Address When Moving To Oregon From California

You also need to apply for an Oregon license and get your vehicle registered with the DMV!

When moving to Oregon from Colorado, you will need to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration. In Oregon, this can be done by changing your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

To change your address, you will need to complete the DMV Change of Address form. This can be done either online or in person at your local DMV office. Be sure to include your current driver’s license and vehicle registration, as well as your new address. 

You will also need to provide proof of residency in Oregon, such as a utility bill or bank statement. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a new driver’s license and registration card with your updated information.

Reason For Moving To Oregon From Colorado?

Living Cost

Oregon is known for its natural beauty, with its lush forests and rugged coastline. But it’s also a great place to live if you’re on a budget. The cost of living in Oregon is 10% below the national average, and it’s one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. Oregon has an affordable housing cost.

In Colorado, the cost of living is above the national average. The state has high taxes and housing costs, and it’s one of the most expensive states in the country to live in.

Here is a table where you will find the differences in living costs between Oregon and Colorado.


Income Tax

Oregon is known for being one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. Residents pay some of the lowest income taxes in the country, and there are no personal or corporate income taxes.

In Colorado, the income tax rate is 4.63%, which is above the national average. There are also a number of local taxes that can add up, making Colorado one of the most expensive states in the country when it comes to taxes.


Oregon weather is a lot like Colorado weather, but it can also be a lot different. The winters in Oregon are colder than in Colorado, and the summers are hotter. There is a lot of rain in Oregon, which can make the winters very wet and the summers very humid.

Buy Nad Rent House

When it comes to buying a home, Oregon is a place to do so. The state has a stable housing market, and prices are affordable compared to other states.

In Colorado, the housing market is unstable and prices are high. It can be difficult to find a home that’s within your budget, and when you do, it’s likely to have high mortgage rates.

If you’re looking to rent a home, Oregon is also a great option. The average rent in Oregon is $1,100 per month. In Colorado, the average rent is $1,350 per month, which is significantly higher.


Oregon’s culture is different from Colorado’s. Oregon and Colorado offer very different lifestyles. Oregon is known for its natural beauty, while Colorado is known for its skiing and mountain towns.

Oregon is a much slower-paced state than Colorado. The cost of living is lower, and there is no income tax. This makes Oregon a nice place to live if you’re on a budget.

In Colorado, the cost of living is high and the income tax rate is 4.63%. The state has an unstable housing market and it’s one of the most expensive states in the country to live in.

However, below is a table to show you the differences in lifestyle between the two states.

[Lifestyle ORECO]

Outdoor Activities

Oregon is a fantastic place for outdoor enthusiasts. The state has plenty of hiking trails, kayaking spots, and skiing resorts where you can visit with your family.

In Colorado, there are also plenty of hiking trails and kayaking spots, but skiing is some of the best in the country. The state also has a number of mountain towns that offer vibrant nightlife.

Most Popular Destination For Moving To Oregon From Colorado

Oregon is a beautiful state with so many wonderful cities to choose from when moving. Some of the most popular cities in Oregon include Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Bend. Each of these cities has its own unique charm and personality, making them perfect for anyone looking to move to Oregon.

Portland: Portland is the largest city in Oregon and is known for its vibrant arts scene and eclectic culture. Downtown Portland is the heart of Oregon’s economy. If you’re looking for a city that has plenty of things to do, the Portland area is a great choice.

Salem: Salem is the capital of Oregon and is home to some stunning architecture and historical landmarks. If you’re interested in learning more about Oregon’s history, Salem is a great place to start.

Eugene: Eugene is known as the “Emerald City” due to its lush green landscape and abundance of trees. If you’re looking for a city with a relaxed vibe, Eugene is perfect.

Bend: Bend is located in Central Oregon and is popular for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. If you’re looking for a city that offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, Bend is a great choice.

Washington County: Washington County is located in the state of Oregon. It is a beautiful area with plenty of things to do. There are parks, trails, and rivers for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as shopping and restaurants for those who prefer to stay indoors. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other areas of the country.

What Are Some Good Educational Institutions In Florida?

Before moving to Oregon From Colorado, do research on school and college. if you have children. Oregon has some great educational institutions, both public and private. Some of the best include Willamette University, Reed College, and Portland State University. These high schools offer a wide range of programs and degrees and are known for their excellent faculty and facilities. They also have a strong focus on providing quality education to their students. Some great schools and colleges are:

  • Willamette University
  • Reed College
  • Portland State University
  • Southern Oregon University
  • George Fox University
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art

Popular Places To Visit

There are many national parks, mountains and other places where you can enjoy your free time. Some of the places are described below:

Columbia River Gorge

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon is the Columbia River Gorge. This is a canyon that was carved out by the Columbia River. The canyon is located in the western part of the state, and it extends for about 80 miles. There are a number of different hiking trails that you can take advantage of when you visit the fabulous place.

Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley is another popular tourist destination in Oregon. The valley is located in the western part of the state. The valley is home to a number of different vineyards, and it is also a popular destination for hiking and camping.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is another popular tourist destination in Oregon. Crater Lake National Park is located in the southern part of the state, and it is home to a large lake that was formed by the eruption of a volcano. Crater Lake National Park is a popular destination for both hiking and camping.

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon. It is a stretch of coastline that extends for about 365 miles. The Oregon Coast is a popular destination for both camping and surfing.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is a popular tourist destination in Oregon. Cannon Beach is a beach that is located in the northwestern part of the state. Cannon Beach is a popular destination for both surfing and fishing.


When moving to Oregon from Colorado, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to everyone’s moving problems. However, there are some general rules people should follow. One of them is to research as much as possible. Read up as much as you can about the city you’re moving to. Furthermore, you should research key factors like insurance, transportation, taxes, etc about the city you’re moving to. One thing you need to know is that Oregon has a mass transit.

When it comes to costs, there are plenty of ways to figure that out. One of the most effective ways is to avail of instant quotes online! You can get those through us, in order to make the best possible decision for yourself.

Have a great move.


Q: Is it cheaper to live in Oregon or Colorado?

A: The cost of living in Oregon is generally lower than in Colorado, but it can vary depending on the specific location and lifestyle.

Q: Is Oregon a good state to move to?

A: Yes, Oregon is a great state to move to! It has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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