Learn How to Move a Piano Upstairs Step By Step

Have you ever wondered that if you relocate your home someday, how to move a piano upstairs? Knowing a way to shift a piano adequately will limit the risks and dangers of that tough transferring task. Those musical units are burdensome and very massive. Also, don’t forget that pianos may appear like strong contraptions. However, in reality, they may be very fragile and can effortlessly be damaged at some point in their relocation.

There are finely-tuned felt-blanketed hammers, strings, keys, pedals, and different complicated mechanisms below the hardwood. So, looks may be deceiving on the subject of pianos. Each piano moving step ought to be inquisitive about the warning. Below are some steps that will guide you on how to move a piano upstairs in a few easy steps.


For the sake of your health and that of your musical instrument, examine carefully these tips on how to move a piano upstairs before you dive into this complex relocation venture. Don’t take any unnecessary risks and live safe in all tiers of the transferring procedure.

Determine – Piano Movers or Move A Piano Yourself

Step one in this prolonged and tough process is to pick whether to move your piano by yourself or rent the offerings of a piano-transferring business enterprise. But selecting piano movers is the better of the two alternatives.

Piano moving organizations can have the expertise and the equipment needed for the pressure-unfastened relocation of your musical instrument. Some very particular piano moving techniques have been developed over the past hundred years that significantly ease the shifting pianos’ daunting venture. Despite full knowledge of how-to move pianos upstairs, shifting one carries with it plenty of obligation to protect the movers and that the musical equipment.


Earlier than figuring out which corporation to use, get as many moving costs as you can so you can pick the first-class one. While you communicate with the movers, ask them precise questions such as whether or not they’ve moved a piano like yours earlier. You could want to explore other alternatives like what will be the price for expert movers to move the piano for you-lengthy-distance, locally, to a garage facility, or even up the stairs.

Decide the Type of Your Piano

There are three major sorts of pianos – Upright (vertical) Pianos, Grand Pianos, and Electric (digital) Pianos. It’s important to recognize the distinction because there are pianos of different sizes and weights.

Anytime you purchase something that includes boxes, just kept it. You will get more ideas about home improvement stores like IKEA, and Bed, and Bath to collect free boxes online.

Get Essential Shifting Tools and Resources

To ensure the protection of the piano and all of the people so one can be concerned with the shifting manner, achieve the whole lot you will want earlier than the beginning of the relocation. This way, moving the piano could be simpler and less risky.

A 4-Wheel Transferring Dolly or A Piano Skid Board

Relying on your piano’s dimensions and weight, you may use 4-wheel moving dollies to distribute the burden well.

A Shifting Truck

Ensure that the truck you pick to rent has a ramp for loading and unloading because if it doesn’t, there’s no safe way to get the piano into the truck, after which get it out of it.

Shifting Blankets

You will want them to protect your piano so that you can keep away from scratches or maybe extra severe damage to your musical device.

Furnishings Straps

They’ll give you a far better grip on the musical tool and are going to make transferring this (in some situations almost half of a ton) weight loads less complicated. Any other component you can use them for is too comfy the piano from shifting within the truck simultaneously as it is being transported to its new area.

Remarkable Work Gloves

For the safety of your hands and palms. Understand that you and the buddies should be helping you with this tough undertaking and ought to put on appropriate clothes and shoes. Pick outfits and shoes that won’t limit any of your actions. Additionally, don’t put on anything that may get caught within the piano. Things that include lengthy earrings can reason massive problems if they hook onto something even as the piano is being moved.

Recruit the Best Piano Moving Crew to Move A Piano

For this tricky task, you will need the assistance of at least three of your loyal and trustworthy friends. Even for small pianos, the minimal human resources requirement is 4 helpers. If you have a larger one, such as the live performance grand piano in your palms, don’t try this assignment with fewer than 6 people.


The buddies you ask for help may not be health enthusiasts, but they ought to be in true form and not use lower back pain or any other accidents. One wrong move will be fatal for the musical tool and the folks who deliver it.

Put Together the Piano for Transferring

Step one in this instruction manner is to shut the piano’s cover so that the delicate keys are included. If there’s a manner to fasten it, it’s far best to do it so that it won’t open within the truck simultaneously as it’s far from being transported to the new place. If there is no lock on the cover, locate any other way to comfortable it. Wrapping it tightly with a stretch wrap is a superb concept to save you from commencing.

The second step is to wrap the complete piano with shifting blankets so that the interior and exterior are included from any injuries, and its ideal circumstance is preserved. You could use fixture straps, ropes, and tape to ensure that the moving blankets don’t move from their places.


The very last step is doing away with the steel casters from the lowest of the piano. Using this, the balancing of this huge musical tool at the 4-wheel shifting dolly could be easier. Remember the fact that the piano should not be moved several inches on them, and if feasible, there shouldn’t be any motion in any respect. They’re only for adornment functions.

Start the Piano Transferring Operation

After reading all of the steps on how to move a piano upstairs, are you still up for the undertaking? Shifting a musical instrument of this sort of size and weight is not an activity for absolutely everyone.

This is one of the maximum tough and most threatening things you will ever do. If you need a strain-loose and secure relocation of your piano, hire professional piano movers to do it for you.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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