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How to Get Elderly Parents to Move

February 28, 2020

So many people are looking forward to the day that they can retire. It is a time to celebrate life and enjoy the world around them. Often times, you, as the child, are looked to in order to get elderly parents to move. As they get older, they are no longer able to lift and carry, or even pack things as they used to. Thankfully, there are some options out there that can help everyone involved, without breaking the bank.

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In most cases, hiring professional movers to help your elderly parents to move to their dream retirement locale is a great option. While there may be a rather large fee associated with these services, you will not lose money by having to take time off of work to help pack and transport their things. These companies are happy to come into the home and pack, load, and drive everything to its destination. On top of this, they can often do these things quickly, without troubles or hassles.

Choosing Services for Elderly Parents Move

While you can easily see why hiring one of the many moving companies for your parent’s move is the way to go, you still need to choose the right services. There are tons of different local or long distance moving services out there that are available to you and your parents for this big move. You can get a list of available services from the companies that you speak to when you are getting moving quotes. You can also find packages for moving from national moving companies that could end up saving you a bit of money in the end.

Get Elderly Parents to Move and arrange boxes

Make sure that you consider packing and unpacking services for your parents, as they may not want to or may not be able to do this on their own. You can also consider having a moving consultant come into their home to tell them about the moving process and what to expect when the movers arrive. Other services can include car shipping if they do not want to drive to their new home, as well as cleaning and repair services if they need to fix up and clean up before someone new moves into their current home.

Benefits of Professionals Moving Companies

When you get elderly parents to move long distances or even short, there are quite a few different benefits to hiring professional local or interstate movers. The biggest benefit is the sheer fact that your time will be freed up in order to support and spend more one on one time with your parents. This can help ease their fears, which they will not easily share with anyone. Tackling fears is the first step in gaining control of the move, and the backlash of stress breakdowns that might come along otherwise.

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Another benefit to hiring cross country movers to handle a family move is simple; less work will have to be completed by the family. Chances are there are things that you and your family want to get done before you move out of the town that you are living in. Hiring national moving companies to come in and do the work for you is a great way to make sure that you get moved on time, but have extra time to do the things that you want to do.

Making a Move Simple for Elderly Parents

As you can see, hiring interstate movers to handle the move from your parent’s location to their retirement home is probably the easiest method to use. There are plenty of reasons why, and you should make sure to share these reasons with your parents. No matter which company you end up choosing, your parents are sure to appreciate not having to lift and move anything as they are entering retirement.

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It’s not that Expensive

While many professional moving companies often come with quite the fee, there are cheap moving companies out there that can handle your entire move, from start to finish. The fee associated with these companies is much less than you might expect if you do a little bit of research in companies first. You can often get many free moving quotes from many different companies before you have to decide on one. It is best to let your parents’ help you with this process as well, giving them something to do and taking some of the responsibility off of your own shoulders.

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No matter where you are moving to, professional cheap moving companies can really go a long way to helping to make it through your move in one piece. Even with parents, it is possible to have a stress free move. Make sure that you seriously consider hiring professional help for your move in order to make things go as smoothly as they possibly can.