How Many Boxes Do I Need to Move for Free

To move from one place to another place, you must need Boxes. For starting to find out boxes first, you need to know how many boxes need to move. There’s no hard and fast rule about how many moving boxes you need. Don’t waste your money on extra boxes you don’t need.

Determining how many packing boxes need to move is not a complicated task. Do some things need to consider to determine how many boxes you need to move?

Size of Your Apartment

If the apartment size is significant, that means the number of boxes also needs more. And if the apartment is small, the number of boxes required is less.

  • If your apartment is 400-700 square feet.
  • You need 7-15 small boxes, 9-15 medium boxes, and six large boxes to move your belongings.
  • If your apartment is 700-1250 square feet, you need 17-23 small boxes, 15-22 medium boxes, and 17-11 large boxes to move your belongings.

Several People Live in Your Apartment

If people live in your residence, you need fewer boxes. If more people live in your residence, you need more boxes to move.

  • Generally, if one moves, they need five small boxes, three medium boxes, and 1-2 large boxes.
  • If there are two people, need 8-10 small boxes, four medium boxes, and 2-3 large boxes.
  • If your apartment has three people, you need 12-15 small boxes, 5-7 medium boxes, and 4-5 large boxes.


How Long Do You Live in Your Old Home?

People generally gather things over time. If you lived a long time in your old home, your belongings would be huge. So for this, you need more boxes.

What is Your Lifestyle?

If you have too many belongings, you also need more boxes. If you like a simple life and try to organize all your belongings, you need fewer boxes.

Several Bedrooms in Your Old Home?

Bedrooms are the best to check when what number of boxes do you need to move to? Almost every home contains both clothes and personal belongings.

Size of Boxes for Moving You Use for Packing Your Belongings

The number of boxes depends on the scale of the tables. If you use small plates, you need more boxes. If you use large tablets, you need fewer boxes. Sometimes packing big things needs a big packet.

  • The size of the small, medium, large, and the extra-large box is:
  • Size of small packing boxes: 1.5 cubic feet.
  • Size of medium packing boxes: 1.5-3 cubic feet.
  • And the size of extra-large packing boxes: is 3.6+ cubic feet.
  • Size of large packing boxes: 2.5-3.5 cubic feet.

You can determine how many boxes you need and ways to move furniture and its belongings.

What is the Amount of Boxes for Moving?

Every apartment’s rooms deserve 10 small, 8 medium, and 5 large moving boxes per room without any previous idea. It can vary from room to room. Here is a preliminary idea for moving the housing apparatus with boxes.


Some standard kitchen size in the luxurious apartment is about 150-160 square feet. You will need 2-4 small boxes for the kitchen, 5-6 medium boxes, four large boxes, two extra-large boxes, and 4-6 dish barrel boxes.

Living room

The living room, contains a colossal space than the kitchen. You will need 2-4 small boxes per living room, 3-4 medium boxes, 2-4 large boxes, and 1-2 extra-large boxes.

Dining room

The dining room contains multiple chairs, tables, and dishes. But it contains some sensitive items like dishes. You will need 1-2 small packing boxes, 1-2 medium boxes, and 2-4 dish barrel boxes for the dining room.

Master Bedrooms

Like other rooms, bedrooms require several boxes for moving purposes. But it depends on “How many children you have in your house.” You should have 3-5 extra-large boxes for additional bedrooms, 3-5 medium boxes, 1-2 small boxes, and 2-4 wardrobe boxes.


Based on your Master bathroom, you may only need 2-3 small boxes, minimum of one medium packing box.


You will generally need ten small, eight medium, and five large packing boxes for books. Several books can differ save mineral boxes. Estimating packing boxes are an essential part of moving.

To determine the right number of tables and estimate the boxes to your need and opportunity. You must follow the moving Quotes online for more information. It helps you access moves from one place to another place.

Packing boxes are a vital reflection of moving. Above guide, as well as how many moving boxes you need to move? Try to answer the question, at my best. Have a Good Move.

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