Everything You Need To Know About HOUSE MOVERS IN EAST TEXAS

If you are thinking of moving in or out of East Texas, you may be looking for house movers in East Texas.

Although ETX is technically located in the Lone Star State, some cultural distinctions exist between that and the greater state. There are plenty of individuals who move in and out of ETX annually.

If you move out or into the state, you will require long-distance movers. If you are considering moving within the state or ETX, you will require local movers. House movers in ETX are movers who help you with full-service moves.

This means the movers generally take care of packing, shipping, loading, and all other services you may require regarding your belongings. Since moving is a strenuous job, outsourcing the work is always helpful.

This article will take you through the advantages of hiring house movers who can help you move in or out of ETX.

We will also look at costs and recommend reliable, professional movers! So keep on reading to know a simple hack to receive instant free moving quotes.

Perks Of Hiring House Movers

Perks of hiring house movers

Perks Of Hiring House Movers East Texas

Since house movers are movers who can provide you with a full-service move, we will be breaking down the most sought-after services these movers provide.

Packing and Unpacking Services

There is a range of packing services you can avail of. You can opt for a full packing service. Here, the movers pack all of your belongings for you.

If you opt for a partial packing service, you can choose which specific pieces of furniture you want the movers to pack. It’s essential to ensure that your furniture isn’t damaged during the move. So you can enjoy a stress-free move.

Similarly, unpacking can also be tedious. It’s tricky to remove the packaging from your furniture without damaging it. House movers in East Texas can provide you with unpacking services too!

Storage Services

Sometimes individuals who are moving can lack large storage spaces. For example, storing your furniture requires a large capacity. However, you may lack that storage space if you don’t have a garage or live in an apartment complex.

To help you with this, house movers ETX is here. They provide storage units where you can store all your furniture. Contact them if you need the storage delivery service.

Shipping Services

This is especially important if you aren’t driving your own vehicle to your new home. If you’re renting a car or a truck, your car will need to be shipped.

Some movers provide shipping as an extension of their services. For example, House movers in ETX usually provide shipping services as a separate service.

Moving A Single Piece of Furniture

Moving a single piece of furniture

When moving a house, you realize that there are services that are very catered to your specific needs. For instance, some furniture cannot be moved with the rest of your belongings. This could be because they are too expensive, too large, or too fragile.

Luckily, house movers in ETX provide services whereby you can move just one piece of furniture across distances.

Moving Heavy Appliances

Having your heavy appliances moved is a complicated procedure. This is specifically because installing those appliances require much specialist knowledge.

Professionals will move your heavy appliances if you opt for a full-service move. They will also help you reinstall said appliances in your new home.

How Much Will Hiring House Movers In East Texas Cost?

House movers in ETX have different rates. All of these will be catered to your specific needs. For instance, if you need a basic house moving service, your move will be a lot less expensive.

Hiring house movers in east texas cost

Local moves and long-distance moves

Movers charge a flat rate. What this flat rate depends on is contingent upon whether your move is a local or a long-distance one.

Local movers charge by the hour. Long-distance movers charge a flat rate based on mileage and the cubic weight of your furniture.

Cubic weight and mileage

If you are moving large amounts of furniture, then the cubic weight will also be higher. That will also inevitably lead to you spending more.

The cubic weight of your furniture also often depends on how large your house is. This is because usually, the larger your house, the more furniture you own.

Types of service

Types of moving services

Another factor determining your cost is the number and type of service you require. As discussed in our previous section, we won’t be getting into the details of services here. However, different services have different prices.

Furthermore, even within a service, there is a spectrum of prices. For instance, a full-packing service is more expensive than a partial-packing one.

The time of the move

If you are moving during the summer, there is a high chance of your move being expensive. This is because summer moves are very popular. Hence, movers want to keep up with the demand by increasing prices.

It would be best if you were careful not to move during festivals or national holidays. The same logic applies here- since most people want to move during such a day, movers move their prices up to accommodate the rising demand.

Instant quote online

The best way to know about prices is to get instant quotes online. If you get them from a reliable source, you can easily compare quotes between professional house movers and make the best decision for yourself regarding pricing.

Get instant moving quotes online

If you have a couple of minutes, please consider filling out our form. We can provide free, no-strings-attached quotes from professional, reliable movers!

Can You Recommend Some Reliable House Movers In East Texas?

We have made a shortlist of a few reliable house moving companies in ETX so that you can start expanding on your research as soon as possible. They are reputed because of their business policy. Their customers are satisfied with their services.

Please note that list is not a complete or exhaustive list. We just compiled five moving companies that we trust.

Ultimately, you will have to do your research to select the mover that provides the specific services you require.

Reliable house movers in east texas

We have a huge list of the most reliable house movers in ETX if you are interested! Please consider going to this form and filling it up if you want our full list of movers.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC
International Van Lines 5 2247789 729978
Texas Top Movers 5 2872214 963279
Allstate Moving 5 3200864 171991
Allied Van Lines 5 076235 15735
All My Sons 5 2855093 955842


Finding the best house movers in East Texas is not an objective process. When choosing the right house mover, ETX has a very subjective procedure. Therefore, you’ll need to do much research before making a final decision.

Happy moving!



Q: What is the average living cost in East Texas?

A: The cost of living in ETX is quite reasonable. According to data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the cost of living in Tyler, TX is about 10% below the national average.
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