Best Way To Move A Gun-Safe With Or Without Movers

If you own guns and are looking to move, you may be in a pinch. Gun safes are incredibly heavy and hard to move. You may own multiple guns, especially if you own a gun shop, or you are a collector! Do you own a lot of hunting gear? You may be wondering, what the best way to move a gun safe without damaging your guns is, or do you need to hire gun safe movers?

Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the best way of moving guns and gun safes, there are ways to approach your move. There are two ways by which you can move your gun safes. You can hire professional gun-safe movers, or you can do it yourself. We will be discussing both these methods so that you can know the best way to move your guns and gun-safe!


Know Gun Laws:

Before preparing to move your gun and gun safe, you must check out state-specific gun laws. Note that states have varying degrees of gun control. Make sure you look at gun laws, hunting laws, and other legal matters about owning firearms. This will help you figure out the best way to move your gun safely.

Measure Your Gun Safe:

This is crucial regardless of whether or not you are hiring professional gun-safe movers. You need to measure the weight of the gun safe to know if it will fit into your moving vehicle. This is important because if your gun safe is too big, you will need to hire a rental or a storage unit.

Prepare Gun Related Paperwork:

You need to prepare all your documentation about the gun! You must have your license and registration ready. You also need to know the make and model of your gun safe. Gun-safe movers are going to want to know all the details about the gun-safe you own. Prepare your paperwork before trying to figure out the best way to move your gun safely!

Plan Well:

You need to ensure that there are no large pieces of furniture that might get in the way of you moving your gun safely. Also, know the placement of your new house. If you are moving into an apartment, what floor are you on? Can you carry the gun safe up to your floor? You can’t access the best way to move your gun safely if you don’t plan well!


Why Hire Professional Gun Safe Movers?

The best way to move a gun safe safely is by hiring professional movers. This is because of the following dangers:

1) Gun safes can weigh up to 1000 pounds and are challenging to move

2) During the move itself, the gun safe can be damaged.

3) There is potential for property damage, like broken tiles or dented walls, if you accidentally drop the gun-safe

4) You may get injured trying to move the gun safely!

Professional gun-safe movers are the best way to move a gun safe because they also provide additional reloading services, and take extra care to make sure all your weapons and your gun safes are in top-notch shape upon arrival. Upon hiring professional gun-safe movers, they will ask you a lot of questions, and some may even come to take a look at your gun-safe.

Keep your gun-related paperwork ready to move your guns safely:

You need to show them your gun registration and license. They will also ask about the make and model of your gun safes. Furthermore, they will ask detailed questions about how many firearms you have, and the make and model of those guns as well. This is crucial because gun-safe movers will not move guns that don’t have the appropriate paperwork.

Know the details about your gun safe to be able to move it safely:

They will ask questions about where you need to move the gun-safe, and where you are currently living. This will help them estimate potential costs, and also know if you are going to be crossing state lines. They will also ask for details about your new place, like the presence of stairs or elevator services, etc. This will help them gauge how far they need to move the gun safely once they’ve reached the destination.

Do you require additional services to move your gun safe:

You will need to know if you need any additional services. Many firearm enthusiasts require reloading equipment to assist them with their move, so if you do too best to tell the professionals!

Inventory everything to be able to move your gun safe in the best possible way:

Make sure that you inventory all valuable equipment so that you can ensure everything is in its correct state once the move is over. The gun-safe movers may also ask to test your firearms before moving, and once after. This will help ensure that no damage has been caused, and your guns are working just as they used to before the move. You will need to keep the guns separate from the safe, but don’t seal the box! The gun-safe movers will check each gun and test it, and then seal the box in front of you after making sure all the guns are present. Upon reaching the new destination they will unseal the box and ask you to double-check your firearms.

Usually, professional movers will discuss rates directly with you once you call them up. You can look through different gun-safe movers to compare their prices.


Hiring professional gun-safe movers may be costly, especially if you want to avail additional reloading equipment. This is why many gun collectors and hunters choose to move their firearms by themselves. If that is the route you have taken, here are a few helpful guidelines for you. These tips will help you know the best way to move a gun safely without professional help!

best way to move a gun safe

Empty your gun safe:

I know it sounds obvious but people often forget this very first step! You will need to empty all contents from the gun safe, especially if you have multiple firearms adding to the total weight of the gun safe. This is also important for safety, you wouldn’t want to accidentally discharge a gun!

Unload your gun:

Double-check this! Safety is the most important consideration during moving guns.

Use the right equipment:

You would need a heavy-duty dolly to move the gun safely. You also need moving straps. This will help ensure your gun-safe doesn’t accidentally fall over from the dolly or while inside the vehicle. Work gloves are also a useful addition. If you don’t have a vehicle that can handle the weight of the gun safe, make sure you rent a truck. Furthermore, if you need to move the safe up and downstairs, rent a stair-climbing dolly!

Clean and secure your gun safe:

Clean and thoroughly dry your gun-safe for a better grip! Additionally, you must secure the safe as well! You should tie it up with blankets to stop it from accidentally opening during the move.

Protect your floors when moving the gun safe:

This is crucial to stop damaging the tiles, so make sure you have padded the floors with soft materials like blankets so that they remain undamaged.

If you are moving your guns yourself, make sure you have kept them in a locked compartment, and make sure there is no ammunition inside the guns! Double, and triple-check this! Your guns need to be empty. You should keep the guns away from people as well, to ensure maximum safety. You should wrap each gun in bubble wrap, or any soft packing material to protect them from damage. If you are thinking of packing the gun in a moving box, you should label it properly as well!


Before moving hunting gear, make sure to check permit requirements in your new state. If you need to apply for a hunting permit, you must plan that out too! Preemptively having hunting paperwork ready will help your move be the best move possible. Make sure to label all your hunting gear; bait, hunting clothes, and camping equipment appropriately and put them in individual boxes to make unpacking easier.

Hopefully, if you follow our tips about the best way to move a gun safely, all your guns and gun safes will also move safely alongside all your hunting gear!

Moving guns is difficult. Thankfully, BuzzMoving is your one-stop guide to help you with all your moving-related queries about the best way to move your guns and gun safes. You can fill out our quick form to get free moving quotes to find rates from different professional gun-safe movers so that you can choose the best one for yourself! Many say that hiring professionals is the best way of moving gun safes. We hope our tips will help you plan your move in the best way! Happy moving.

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