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7 Best Way To Pack Clothes For Moving In 2020

January 29, 2020

Moving all of your clothes from one place to another is a major concern. The biggest points are, of course, separate clothes you want to take with you, how to pack them without getting wrinkles, and organize them in a way that you know where a particular item of clothing is when it comes to unpacking at the end of your big day!

Find here some of the most effective packing tips and tricks that will help you make your pack clothes for moving goes as smoothly as possible during your move.

Sort Clothes to Keep, Donate, or Sell

Set Aside Clothing You Want To Keep

Always start by assessing your closets, thoroughly check your clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and other accessories. Separate items you want to keep and items you no longer need.

Donate Clothes That You Won’t Wear

Another way of downsizing your closet is by donating your clothes to charity or your local church. Donating clothes that you no longer wear but still in good condition is a great way of free up space.

Donate_Clothes before moving

Sell Clothes That Are Still Recent and Trendy

There might have some expensive jeans that no longer fit on you. Or a shoe you don’t want anymore but are still trendy and recent, selling them online would be a wise decision to grab some quick bucks as well as free up spaces.

Set Aside Your Moving Day Clothes

You want to make your moving day as comfortable as possible, so it is better to wear any of your comfy pair of clothes on the big day. Just make sure that you don’t pack them and instead leave them out.


Clean Your Clothing before Packing

Prior to packing your hanging clothes and folding clothes, we highly recommend washing all of the clothes you want to carry as thoroughly as possible.


Sort by Type, Materials, Methods or Seasons

Hang or Fold Clothes Packing Methods

Once your clothing has been sorted, you can start the folding process for all your non-changing clothes. And since hanging clothes often dominate our household closets, chances are, you have a lot of hanging clothes between shirts, pants, or other formal outfits as well.

There are several folding technics used when packing for a move. There are other useful techniques you can follow for packing you’re hanging clothes and avoid extra creases in clothes.

Army Roll Clothes Method

The military rolling method perhaps the most popular way of pack and move clothing. Using this method, you can maximize space in your boxes, and also prevents items from becoming wrinkled while on the go.

Military_Roll_Packing_ clothes Method

Of course, rolling can be done in a more casual way that is simply rolling the cloth as tightly as possible and placing it inside your bag or box.

Konmari Folding Method

Using Marie Kondo’s folding technique you can get your items to a minimal size. It gives you the benefits of seeing or selecting your clothing without upsetting any of the other items.

Konmari_Folding_Method_Packing  clothes_moving

We also recommend adding dividers to your box, because, dividing and sectioning your boxes is one of the best ways to pack clothes for moving.

Packing Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes allow you to move your hanging clothes without the threat of it wrinkling.

It has made after placing a simple rack over the top of the box for keeping your hangers hanging on. In case you have any formal dresses of suits that cannot be folded and need to be transported hanging up, wardrobe boxes are ideal.

These specifically designed cardboard boxes are made to hang your shirts, pants, and any other hanging clothes when moving. They are portable, small, and measuring two by three feet wide and long respectively.

Vacuum Compression Bags

Vacuum compression bags are more convenient than wardrobe boxes. These bags allow you to store more clothes in less space and also protect your items from moisture and dirt.

Packing-clothes-by Vacuum-Compression

They are reusable, so you can use them next time you move. In addition, these bags double as storage for seasonal clothing and other unnecessary items after you move.

However, be careful not to store your clothes in vacuum-sealed bags for too long, though. They can damage clothing if left inside for six months or more.

How to Pack a Duffle Bag

If you already have a duffle bag, you will have some major advantages when moving. They’re made in a way that makes it easy to pack and also you can save some money on moving boxes.

When deciding the best way to pack clothes for moving with a duffle bag, look for ways to save space. Fold your items well, roll your socks, and other small items tight to fit inside the shoes.

Since the duffle bag doesn’t have wheels, make sure not to make them too heavy. You want to comfortably carry your bags by keeping it at a reasonable weight when moving and make life easier on yourself.

Seal and Level Your Boxes

Once your bags are fully loaded, it’s time for either box type are sealing with packing tape and labeling. It’s better to avoid dropping shoe items into the wardrobe box bottom, instead, wrap shoes separately.

Another good option for clothing with thin materials is not packing them at all but keep those apparels in your dressers and move furniture and clothing all at once.

Level all your clothing boxes with the room or place where they should go in your new home, like the master bedroom closet, and hope that everything makes it intact.

Additional Packing Tips

If you want to make your moving day more convenient, consider enlisting a packing service to help you organize and Pack Clothes for Moving for you.


If you make up your mind to pay for the packing services too, no matter how little or large your house is, you will be supplied with personalized services that fulfill your needs. Here at Buzzmoving, we ensure the lowest possible rates and excellent assistant for your packing. You won’t pay more than what you get.

Additional Moving Tips

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