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Life in California can be very different from the Bay Area to Southern California to the eastern side of the Golden State. The same is true for what it’s like to move to California. Moving can be upsetting, no matter what state you live in, because you have many things to do and must figure out many details. Whether you want a full-service moving company that can do everything from packing to unpacking or a service that you can tailor to your needs, California has a lot of choices. The best Interstate movers in California can help take some of the weight off your back.

BuzzMoving thoroughly reviewed moving companies based on essential factors like driving choices, customer reviews, etc. Our assessment will help you to choose the best moving company for you.

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List Of 5 Best Interstate Movers In California

With so many professional moving companies in California, knowing which are the best interstate movers in California for you and your family can take time. So, the This Old House Reviews Team has looked into some of California’s best-moving companies.

This guide will discuss the best California moving companies and compare their services, general costs, pros, and cons.

Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines offers long-distance moving services to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. You can use its creative app-based estimating system to list your furniture, ensuring that your estimate reflects how much your move will cost.

An insurance contract with Colonial also covers all items; extra coverage can be bought from a third party. Colonial Van Lines is the only company you need to find if you are planning a long-distance move and want an exact quote from a company that has done it before.

  • 48 participating states
  • Offer long-distance moving, cross-country moving, corporate relocation, packing/unpacking, and storage services.
  • Have online quote tools.


  • Packing/unpacking and storage are provided
  • Offers business moving services
  • Innovative estimate system built on an app


  • Alaska and Hawaii have no service



Safe Ship Moving Services

Safe Ship Moving Services provides cross-country and long-distance moving services to all 50 states and even some areas outside the US. Use the online price tool to get a rough estimate before talking to a specialist who can help you make a more detailed estimate that includes everything you need to make your move go smoothly.

Every company Safe Ship Moving Services works with is licensed, bonded, and guaranteed, and most reviews are good. Safe Ship Moving Services should be your first stop if you plan a long-distance move and want a personalized experience that takes all the stress out of moving.

  • 50 participated state
  • Offer long-distance moving, cross-country moving, corporate relocation, packing/unpacking, and storage services.
  • Have online quote tools.


  • Businesses and the military are moving
  • Moving a business
  • Prices are competitive and start at $1,500


  • Limited hours of business



American Van Lines

Another big moving company that you have yet to hear of is American Van Lines. It helps people move to all 50 states and all over the world. American Van Lines also offers services like moving pianos, antiques, and businesses or corporate offices.

American Van Lines makes it easy to rent storage boxes. These private storage units can be used for long and short periods. Also, American Van Lines are essential to taking care of the earth. It is always doing things to keep its carbon output as small as possible and to protect critical natural resources. So, American Van Lines is a good choice if you want the best interstate movers in California you can trust.

  • 50 participating states
  • Long-distance, local, and corporate are the primary services
  • No online quote tools are available


  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Moving locally, internationally, and special moves
  • Environment and long-term


  • The site is a little bit old


Pure Moving Company

Pure Moving Company is a professional moving company that can move your family anywhere in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, etc., because they have the means to move, pack, and store your things. They specialize in both local moves and moves across state lines. They can impact any size or shape of the house. Professional movers in Los Angeles know how to move you faster and with less stress than other moving companies. They can almost make it fun.

  • The best interstate movers in California with another state
  • Offers packing, unpacking, & crating, furniture assembly, oversized and heavy item moving, commercial services
  • Have online quote tools


  • Virtual estimates available
  • Fair rates with no hidden costs
  • Easy to communicate and fast-moving


  • Fixed-price



Prodigy Movers

In 1999, Prodigy Movers was set up in Los Angeles. Prodigy Movers specializes in local moves, packing, long-distance moves within California, and everything between Los Angeles and San Francisco and beyond. They are the best at what they do because they have been doing it for over 23 years and have long-term employees. The best interstate movers in California offer good service at a price you can afford.

  • Provide moving service only in California.
  • Offers packing, unpacking, & crating, furniture assembly, oversized and heavy item moving, commercial services
  • Have online quote tools.


  • Carry all required insurance by law
  • One of the top movers in Los Angeles
  • Professional moving services


  • Charge extra


What kinds of extra charges do movers make?

A good moving company will always try to include all costs in their first quote. But things can change, so it’s essential to know about any extra charges that could come up during the move.


Most movers will charge an extra fee if your front door is more than 75 feet from the truck. If you live in an apartment building, the distance is measured from your flat’s front door, not the building itself.


If there are more than one or two flights of stairs going up to your home, movers usually charge a fee for each extra flight.


Some movers will charge an elevator fee if your home is on a high floor and the elevator ride is extended, or your building has a small elevator that needs to be used a lot.


Need to go to your in-laws’ house or a nearby storage unit? Most of the time, movers will charge extra for stops other than the main one.


Items like heavy safes, riding lawnmowers, pianos, hot tubs, large toolboxes, etc., usually cost extra to move. Usually, different tools and people are needed to move these things safely.


Some companies may charge an extra fee to separate and reconnect appliances like washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

SIT stands for “storage in transit.”

Most moving companies give 30 days of free storage for long-distance moves. You usually have to pay a monthly fee when you store something for more than 30 days. If you need to keep your things for six months or more, you should have them sent to a nearby storage unit or use a portable storage container.


Even though every long-distance mover’s base price includes $.60 per pound of valuation coverage, you should consider raising this amount.


For an extra fee, movers will speed up your delivery and get your things to you on or before a specific date.


Most long-distance moves will be made with a 53′ tractor-trailer, like the ones you see on the highway. You may need a smaller shuttle truck if a big tractor-trailer can’t reach your house. Shuttles are often required in cities, which can significantly increase moving costs.


The movers will promise to deliver your things on a specific date. Guaranteed delivery can be costly, depending on how far away the place is and where it is.


Most moving companies will give you the choice of having them put all your loose things into boxes for you. Having professionals pack everything will also ensure that your insurance covers all the boxes. So if a package isn’t packed right, it will be the movers’ responsibility, not yours.


Mirrors, glass table tops, grandfather clocks, flat-screen TVs, chandeliers, and other fragile items must be packed or crated uniquely to keep them from breaking. Work with your mover to figure out who is responsible for packing fragile things. If you pack valuable items yourself, meet the movers’ packing standards. If you don’t, the movers will have to repack the items, costing you money.


Choosing the best interstate movers in California will save time, stress, and money. Your moving company will take care of tedious tasks and help you figure out how to follow state rules. Get free quotes from at least three good moving companies in California while considering your options. This will help you determine how much your move will cost for your desired services.

You may read our reviews and check out the best interstate movers in California from our list.

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