What Is The Best Way to Move a Hot Tub Harmlessly

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It is beautiful as long as your warm tub is a significant source of enjoyment and refreshment, but when you require moving hot tub dolly rentals from one place to another, the struggle begins. Now, you will know some tips about the best way to move a hot tub.

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Let’s discuss some crucial questions that are most frequently asked about moving hot tubs:

best way to move a hot tub harmlessly

Is It Difficult To Move A Warm Tub?

The answer is yes. It is tough. To do this, you need plenty of workforces and the right equipment. You must recruit at least four helpers and a truck to move it from here to there.

If someone has to deal with stairs, rent spa dolly with straps in case of dollies.

Can We Move It On Its Side?

Sometimes, it is needed to turn the hot tub on its side and maneuver it through tight spaces. After that, place it on the trailer for transport. These precautions need to be taken safely while doing this. Yes, we can do it.

How Much Does It Cost (Move A Hot Tub)?

Yes, it is an important issue. Sometimes, we get confused about how much a professional moving company takes for hot tub moving services. Let’s discuss this. The final cost of moving a hot tub depends on several factors. It includes the size of the spa and, most importantly, the distance of the move.

On average, it could be near abounding $300 to $400. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, you can talk with a local hot tub mover. Then, you might get a more precise answer about moving the hot tub and renting the hot tub dolly for moving.

Can It Be Done In A Pickup Truck?

It can be done by using the ramp. If you have found that the tub is too long to fit in this way, it is necessary to place the base of the tub against the truck bed, and after that, you need to remove the dollies.

Loading service of hot tub moving service NJ

Now, think for a second. Do you like to move the hot tub into the backyard? Then, follow these rules. I believe it works!

The user needs to pack all the tub accessories separately.

  • Then, you need to drain the hot tub.
  • It must be put on its side carefully so we can quickly shift it if required.
  • You need at least two people to lift one side of the tub by tilting it towards the other.
  • It needs to be placed two by four under the hot tub.

Some Tips For Moving The Empty Hot Tubs

Now, let’s talk about its weight. A slightly warm tub can be near around 500 lbs on average. This measurement is considered when it is empty. Now, if it is full of water, it could be about 3000 lbs, which is vast in weight. It needs almost 3 to 4 people to move on.

If we talk about the giant hot tub, it weighs around 6000 lbs. In that case, you might need about 6-8 people to move it from one place to another. A large hot tub could be 7.5 feet by 7.5 feet, and it can contain almost 420 gallons of water, which is pretty big.

To know the best way to move a hot tub, follow the tips below:

tips by the hot tub moving service NJ

The Price Of A Big Hot Tub

Hot tubs could vary from $3000 to $16000, depending on their size and premium quality. Of course, the further you go up, the price will move. The upgraded hot tub contains more facilities like a spa and long-term enjoyment with hot water, refreshments, etc.

Best Way To Move A Hot Tub -The Step-By-Step Process

First, we must collect all the moving supplies, which could be the start of moving a hot tub. The list could be moving straps, two furniture dollies, many large plywood pieces, and some cleaning materials. The best way to move a hot tub is to Collect a moving spa dolly rental. In that case, the hot tub moving service can help you.


The Moving Truck Is Necessary, And In Some Cases, You May Need To Reserve It

Before starting this hot tub moving process, you need a moving truck. It should be large enough to hold the Jacuzzi. The truck size will depend on your tub. The measurement of the moving truck could be 15’*7’8”*7’2″ from the inside. You must correctly confirm that the hot tub will enter the car quickly. Otherwise, you might face another problem.

Arrange Moving Supplies

There are plenty of truck rental and dolly rental companies in your area. So, there is no need to get panicked. You can get it quickly. If you want to know more about truck rental and the best moving hot tub dolly rental Home Depot companies, browse local movers from Home Depot, and hopefully, you will find an answer.


As we have already discussed, it is not a task for a single man so you might need 3-6 people, depending on the size of your warm tub.

Disconnect The Hot Tub Properly

Before starting the process, the main thing that you need to do is disconnect your lovely spa from its electronic outlet. In that case, you must be cautious and remove all cords. So, nothing can harm you.

Drain The Hot Tub

So, do you think it is an easy task? Sometimes yes, and sometimes not. Be cautious while doing this to avoid unnecessary hazards if you want to move a hot tub. Rent a hot tub dollies moving company for a smooth move.

Plan Your Route

The next task is to plan your route and reach the destination. The truck driver will do this, and you will be involved.

Place Plywood Pieces Under The Hot Tub

For safety reasons, you can place the plywood underneath the hot tub. This process will also make it easier to roll the furniture dollies.


We believe this article will help you safely move a hot tub to its new destination, and hopefully, you’ll do that without causing any harm to the warm tub or yourself. Our quality movers will improve your move with tips on how to move a hot tub. Get a free quote now to avail yourself of the best hot tub service! Thanks a lot for being with us.



Q: Can you move hot tubs when you move house?

A: Moving hot tubs when you move house is not recommended. The tubs are extremely heavy and difficult to transport without damaging the structure. If you must move your hot tub, rent hot tub dolly professionals with experience moving this type of item.

Q: How can I find a hot tub dolly rental near me?

A: Use our search tool to find hot tub relocation services in your area. Just enter your zip code, and we’ll show you a list of providers in your area. You can then read reviews and contact them to discuss your needs.

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