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Best Way to Move a Hot Tub Harmlessly

February 27, 2020

It is wonderful as long as your warm tub serves as a big source of enjoyment and refreshment but when you are in need of moving it from one place to another, the struggle begins. The very first thing that makes us panicked is its giant odd shape which is difficult to handle. The process is really expensive and sometimes it can hurt your monthly budget. In this regard, the perfect solution could leave it to the professional movers. Then it could be done easily.

When you will go for hiring a mover please mention that he should bring all the necessary equipment. In some cases, you have proper training and careful preparation you can do this task but keep in mind that, it is not a job for 1 person. In this article, we will discuss the best way to move a hot tub.

preparing hot tub to move in new place

Let’s discuss some important questions that most frequently asked about moving hot tub:

Is It Really Difficult to Move a Warm Tub?

The answer is yes. It is tough. For doing this you need plenty of manpower and the right equipment. You need to recruit at least 4 helpers and a truck to move it from here to there. If someone has to deal with stairs, use an appliance dolly with straps in case of furniture dollies.

Can We Move It On Its Side?

Sometimes it is needed to turn the hot tub on its side maneuver the tub through tight spaces. After that, place it on the trailer for transport. These precautions need to be taken safely while doing this. Yes, we can do it.

hot tub on trailer for moving new destination

How Much Does It Cost (Move A Hot Tub)?

Yes, it is an important issue. Sometimes we are getting confused that how much does it take? Let’s discuss

The final cost for moving a hot tub is depending on several factors. It includes the size of the spa and most importantly the distance of the move. On average it could be near abounding $300 to $400. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, you can talk with a local hot tub mover. Then you might get a more precise answer.

Can It Be Done In A Pickup Truck?

It can be done by using the ramp. If you have found that the tub is too long to fit in this way, it is needed to place the base of the tub against the truck bed and after that, you need to remove the dollies.

loading hot tub on a pickup

Now think for a second. Do you like to move the hot tub into the backyard? Then follow these rules I believe it works

  • The user needs to pack all the tub’s accessories separately.
  • Then they need to drain the hot tub
  • It needs to be put on its side carefully so that we can easily shift it if needed.
  • We need at least two people to lift one side of the tub by simply tilting it towards the other side.
  • We need to place 2 by 4 under the hot tub.

Some Tips for Moving the Empty Hot Tubs

Now, let’s talk about its weights. A small warm tub can be near around 500lbs on an average. This measurement is considered when it is empty. Now if it is full of water it could be near around 3000 lbs. which is huge in weight. It needs almost 3 to 4 people to move on. If we talk about the larger hot tub it weighs could be near around 6000 lbs. In that case, you might need near around 6-8 people to move it from one place to another. A large hot tub could be 7.5 feet by 7.5 foot and it can contain almost 420 gallons of water which are pretty big.

hot tub moving to new place

The Price of a Big Hot Tub

The price of a hot tub could vary its prices up to $3000 to $16000 depending on the size and its premium quality. The further you up then the price will move. The upgraded version of a hot tub contains more facilities like spa, long term enjoyment with hot water, refreshment, etc.

Best Way to Move a Hot Tub | the Step By Step Process

hot tub moving equipment

Collect All the Moving Supplies

The very first thing that we need to do is collect all the moving supplies and it could be the starting of moving a hot tub. The list could be like moving straps, two furniture dollies, a good number of large plywood pieces and some cleaning materials. Collect moving dolly at your local Home Depot.

The Moving Truck is Necessary and in Some Cases, You May Need to Reserve It

Before starting this hot tub moving process we need a moving truck. It should be large enough to hold the Jacuzzi. The truck size will depend on your tub. The measurement of moving truck could be 15’*7’8’’*7’2’’ from the inside. You need to properly confirm that the hot tub will enter the truck easily. Otherwise, you might face another problem. There are plenty of truck rental companies in your area. So no need to get panicked you can get it easily. If you like to know more about the best moving truck rental companies, browse move.org & hopefully, you will find an answer, there.

people moving hot tub


As we have already discussed that it is not a task for a single man so you might need 3-6 people depending on the size of your warm tub.

Disconnect the Hot Tub Properly

Before starting the process, the main thing that you need to do is disconnect your lovely spa from its electronic outlet. In that case, you need to be cautious make sure all cords are put away. So, nothing can harm you.

Drain the Hot Tub

So, are you thinking it is an easy task? Sometimes yes and sometimes not. Be cautious while doing this for avoiding unnecessary hazards.

Plan Your Route

best way to move hot tub

The next task is to plan your route and reach the destination. The truck driver will do this and you will be involved in this process.

Place Plywood Pieces under the Hot Tub

For safety reasons, you can place the plywood underneath the hot tub. This process will also make it easier to roll the furniture dollies.

A Few Final Words

We believe, this article will help you safely transport your hot tub to its new destination and hopefully, you’ll do that without causing any harm to the warm tub or yourself. Thanks a lot for being with us.