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Moving from Minnesota to Texas will cost you an average of $1200-$8500. However, the cost varies on several factors. That includes weight and mileage, time of the year, and the moving company you hire.

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Distance from Minnesota to Texas

How Much Does It Cost To  Move From Minnesota To Texas?

The average cost to move to Texas From Minnesota will be around $1200-$8500. Get quotes from multiple movers if you’re on a tight moving budget before choosing one. Inquire about their fees and any other costs they may have (for packing or storage). Additionally, find out if they provide discounts for recurring or referral customers. Here is a table of estimated moving costs that may provide you with some guidance.

Distance 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
<50 miles $595-$1,020 $1760-$3,190 $1,920-$6,530
250 miles $1,100-$2,250 $2,300-$4,300 $4,250-$5,700
1000 miles+ $1,500-$3,000 $3,140-$5,960 $6,380-$10,010
2500 miles+ $1,925-$4,275 $4,240-$8,550 $9,550-$14,100

Costs Of Different Types Of Moving Solutions

Costs For Hiring Movers From Minnesota To Texas

Moving a one-bedroom apartment from Minnesota to Texas with professional movers will cost between $1,350 and $5,300. You should expect to pay between $3,200 to $7,300 for a two- or three-bedroom home. Further, a four- to the five-bedroom house can be purchased for anywhere from $5,500 and $9,500.


Costs For Renting Moving Containers From Minnesota To Texas

Renting a moving container to move a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment will cost between $1300 and $2500. The cost of moving a two- to the three-bedroom house might range from $2500 to $3500. Additionally, moving a large house with four or more bedrooms can run between $3450 and $4700. Your things will be transported to your new house by the movers; all you have to do is pack them up and place them in the moving container.


Costs For Renting A Moving Truck From Minnesota To Texas

Renting a moving truck is often the most affordable moving option. But, all of the loading, driving, and packaging must be done by you. Additionally, you are accountable for the cost of the fuel.

A studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment may cost between $1100 and $1550 to relocate in a rental truck. Moving a two or three-bedroom house will cost you anywhere from $1200 to $1800. A four-bedroom or larger home may cost between $1500 and $2200 to move.


Best Way To Move From Minnesota To Texas

The best way to move from Minnesota to Texas is to hire professional movers. Moving to Texas from Minnesota is a difficult and strenuous process. Moving along with a moving truck and all of your belongings is really challenging. Professional movers have the skills and experience required to finish this task quickly and under minimal stress. They are equipped to move your belongings securely and safely since they have a moving truck, the proper tools, and a skilled driver. You can request many free quotes from different movers and compare the costs to find the best offer. Therefore, it would seem sensible to use professional movers while moving such a long distance (from MN to TX).

Moving from Minnesota to Texas

Best Minnesota To Texas Moving Companies

We understand that budget is one of the most important parts when moving to Texas from Minnesota. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find affordable long-distance moving companies that are also highly reliable. In order to help you, we have compiled a list of some highly coveted, reliable texas movers. We always like to remind our viewers that this is not a complete list, and we have lots of trustworthy movers. To get free moving quotes from the top movers in Texas, simply fill out the form above. 

Atlas Van Lines 5US DOT- 3464872 ICC MC- 1132206
American Van Lines 5 US DOT- 614506ICC MC- 294798
Allied Van Lines 5 US DOT- 076235ICC MC- 15735
International Van Lines 5 US DOT- 2293832ICC MC- 796971
United Van Lines 5 US DOT-  77949ICC MC- 67234

Important Considerations Before Moving From Minnesota To Texas


  • First, create a moving checklist. Planning in advance is necessary for a smooth transition. If you take the necessary steps and prepare beforehand, it can go lot more easily.


  • Consider the weather forecast before deciding on a date for your move. The best time to relocate to Texas is in September or October. If you move at this time, you can avoid severe weather.


  • There may be guidelines for using the elevator when going up a floor in a building. Make sure the elevator is reserved, and learn the restrictions.


  • Your house might be moved using a large vehicle. In many cities, parking for large vehicles is regulated. Find out the local parking policies before you relocate.


  • Moving companies require a license and authority to perform this type of interstate move. Make sure the mover you choose is authorized to provide moving services for interstate relocation by checking their license. Texas does not require a relocation permit, thus you can skip the procedure.


  • Check to see if they are insured. There are three insurance options available to you. The released value is the most affordable choice. This coverage does not come with any extra costs. There won’t be much coverage, though. Third-party insurance and full-value protection are further options, both of which require payment coverage. Discuss the insurance coverage with the movers you hire.


  • Another crucial step in the moving process is changing your address with the post office. You can be sure that your mail will still get to your new home by doing this.


  • The transfer of your services to your new address should also be arranged after notifying your utility suppliers of your move. This includes power, gas, water, cable/satellite TV, and waste removal.


Is Moving From Minnesota To Texas Worth It?

Texas, after Alaska, is the second largest US state by area. Living in Texas is great since there is no state income tax. Additionally, Texas is 5% cheaper than Minnesota. Here we are describing the benefits of moving to Texas:


Benefits Of Moving To Texas

Great Job Opportunities

TX offers a wide range of career options for those looking for work. As the world’s fastest-growing economy, it has a large number of job openings. Furthermore, in comparison, the income level is relatively high. Some of the highest-paying jobs in TX are as follows:

  • Vice President, Field Operations
  • Consultant and Sales Representative
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer
  • Family Practitioner
  • Vice President, Product Management
  • President Chief Technology Officer
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist
  • Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Global Operation

Growing Economy

According to Wikipedia, TX has the nation’s second-largest GDP, after only the state of California. As of 2021, the state’s gross domestic product was $2.0 trillion. In 2015, TX was home to six of the Fortune 500’s top 50 firms, making a total of 51. (third most after New York and California). In addition, Texas exported $264.5 billion worth of goods in 2017, greater than the combined exports of California and New York.


Warmer Weather

Texas is primarily a warm state. Summers last longer than winters. The temperature ranges from 45°F to 90°F, and it is windy, wet, and cloudy at times. The hottest season lasts from May to September, and the cloudy weather lasts from September mid to December. In TX, January is the coldest month.


No State Income Tax

In Texas, there is no personal income tax. This is excellent news for those moving to Texas, the lone star state from other states. However, Texas has a sales tax, currently at 8.25%. 


Lower Cost Of Living

The cost of living is relatively lower in Texas than in other states. The cost of housing, food, and transportation are all lower in Texas than the national average. This makes it a great place to live for families and individuals on a budget. 

In Texas, public transportation costs are relatively low compared to other states. This is due, in part, to the high availability of public transportation options in the state. For example, many bus and train routes and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.


Excellent Education 

Texas has some of the best schools in the country. In addition, there are a lot of highly rated public and private schools in different cities across the state. This gives students a lot of options for where to go to school. 

In Texas, great schools include the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, and Rice University. Students at these schools can get a great education and enjoy all that the state of Texas has to offer at the same time.


Outdoor And Indoor Activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Texas. From hiking and camping in the Big Bend National Park to fishing and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Texans love spending time outdoors, and plenty of state parks and recreation areas offer great outdoor activity opportunities.

In addition to the great outdoors, Texas also offers plenty of opportunities for indoor activities. The state is home to some of the country’s best museums and cultural attractions. Visitors can enjoy the art and history of Texas while enjoying the warm weather and friendly people.

San Antonio is famous for its river walk, alamo, and great food. There are many different types of food available in San Antonio, from tex-mex to barbecue.

A Comparison Between Minnesota & Texas

Minnesota Texas
The average gross rent was $1200. The average gross rent was $1000.
Average cost of gasoline for Minnesota was 3.927 U.S. Dollars. Average cost of gasoline for Texas was 3.896 U.S. Dollars
The average cost of food in Minnesota is $10 per day. The average cost of food in Texas is $20 per day.

Popular Places To Live In Texas

It is a good idea to relocate to a place with lower living expenses. There are a few places in TX where a person can live in a budget-friendly and affordable manner. Among them, Brownsville is the cheapest and most affordable place to live in. Also here is a list of the popular cities in Texas:

Main Cities In Texas



as of March 24, 2022

Rank City State Land area (km2) Land area (km2) Water area (mi2) Water area (km2) Total area (mi2) Total area (km2) Population (2020)
9 Houston Texas 640.4 1,659 31.2 81 671.7 1,740 2,304,580
12 San Antonio Texas 498.8 1,292 5.8 15 504.6 1,307 1,434,625
19 Fort Worth Texas 347.3 900 8.3 21 355.5 921 918,915
20 Dallas Texas 339.6 880 43.9 114 383.4 993 1,304,379
24 Austin Texas 319.9 829 6.6 17 326.5 846 961,855
31 El Paso Texas 258.4 669 0.8 2.1 259.2 671 678,815
54 Corpus Christi Texas 162.2 420 328.1 850 490.3 1,270 317,863
75 Lubbock Texas 134.6 349 1.2 3.1 135.8 352 257,141
79 Brownsville Texas 131.5 341 13.7 35 145.2 376 186,738
104 Abilene Texas 106.7 276 5.4 14 112.1 290 125,182
105 Laredo Texas 106.5 276 1.5 3.9 108.0 280 255,205
111 Amarillo Texas 102.3 265 1.6 4.1 103.9 269 200,393
122 Denton Texas 96.4 250 1.5 3.9 97.9 254 139,869
124 Arlington Texas 95.9 248 3.6 9.3 99.5 258 394,266
129 Waco Texas 88.7 230 12.4 32 101.2 262 138,486
138 Beaumont Texas 82.5 214 2.8 7.3 85.2 221 115,282

Texas Attractions & Activities


  • The state’s capital, Austin, is dedicated to a strong music and arts scene as well as numerous parks and lakes.


  • Learn more about the state’s history by visiting the Alamo in San Antonio, which served as the site of a crucial battle during the Texas Revolution.


  • You can stop at some of the charming small towns and magnificent natural landmarks in the Hill Country by taking a road trip there, like Pedernales Falls State Park and the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.


  • At Galveston and Corpus Christi, take advantage of the seafood and beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast.


  • Visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden to observe the many different plants and flowers that thrive in Texas’ warm climate.


  • Visit Big Bend National Park in West Texas to enjoy the stunning Chihuahuan Desert beauty.


  • While you’re here, check out the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and Space Center Houston.


To settle down in Texas is a wise decision. But, in order to have a stress-free move, you will need to be sure of the moving things that were mentioned above.

Learning the above before moving from Minnesota to Texas would be helpful. Fill out our simple form to get quick free moving quotes from the professional movers.



Q: What is the best time to move to Texas?

A: September or October is the ideal time to move to Texas.


Q: Is Texas Cheaper than Minnesota?

A: Texas is 5% cheaper than Minnesota.


Q: Where in Texas is the finest place to live?


  • Austin
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Killeen
  • Beaumont
  • Corpus Christi
  • El Paso


Q: Which city in Texas is safest?

A: According to research Hutto is the safest city in Texas. It is marked as the number 1 safest city in Texas.

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