Discover the 5 Best Interstate Movers in New Hampshire

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If you want to move to New Hampshire, you should do a few things to prepare. First, you should do the research you need to hire the best interstate movers in New Hampshire. After all, an excellent moving company is the most essential part of a smooth move in New Hampshire. Second, you should do everything possible to discover as much as possible about life in New Hampshire. This will help you make your final choice about whether or not to move there.

Our Top Pick Best Moving Companies In New Hampshire

We suggest looking at companies with a lot of experience and an excellent reputation in the industry. So, we’ve made a list of the best interstate movers in New Hampshire for residents leaving the state.

interstate movers in new hampshire

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group (IMRG) is a moving company proud of its work. IMRG doesn’t handle your move on its own. Instead, it works with a network of carefully selected partners. The company carefully manages its workload to ensure activities are completed on time and tries to go above and beyond what is expected.

Since it started in 2017, it has grown and now works with moving companies in all 50 states. It has many online moving tips and resources.


The moving teams at IMRG make both short- and long-distance moves. Some partners even help people in other countries, but this depends on the businesses in your area. The following are IMRG’s primary services:

  • Crating
  • Transporting cars
  • Some places have GPS tracking
  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Unpacking


After you complete an accurate list of the things you’ll be moving, IMRG will give you a detailed quote online.

When you book your move with IMRG, you have to pay a deposit of up to 33%, and you can only get your money back if you cancel within 72 hours of booking. The company may take 4%–10% of your return for merchant fees. If IMRG can’t give you back your deposit, they’ll put it towards the next move you make with them. You can use your credit for up to 24 months.


  • Partner businesses in all 50 states
  • Offers local and long-distance moving services
  • Features a cost calculator tool online


  • Offers non-binding estimates



American Van Lines

The moving team at American Van Lines (AVL) stands out. All of its movers are full-time workers who have had their backgrounds checked. On average, they have been moving for ten years. The company also hires people who are trained to move antiques and pianos. With locations throughout the contiguous United States and weekly shuttles to essential cities, AVL has everything it needs to help you move locally or long distances.

As a bonus, all moving deals are priced flatly, so there are no surprises on moving days.

American Van Lines helps people in New Hampshire move their homes and businesses long distances. On the other hand, the company’s experienced employees make it an excellent choice for local and long-distance moves in the other 48 states.


  • Corporate relocation
  • Military Relocation
  • Access to secure storage facilities
  • Packing services
  • Military moving
  • Unpacking
  • Packing materials


Most of what goes into AVL’s flat-rate price is the shipping weight and the distance of the move. Costs will also increase if you get extra services, like full-service packing. The moving price process with American Van Lines was more detailed than what we had seen with many other professional movers. Before discussing prices, our move planner wrote down our entire inventory room by room and asked pointed questions about how easy it would be to get in and out of our home.


  • Uses experts for fragile things
  • Offers complete and partial packing services
  • Offers prices with a flat rate


  • Alaska and Hawaii can’t get it



International Van Lines

The best international and the best interstate movers in New Hampshire is International Van Lines (IVL). It helps people move to all 50 states and 180 countries worldwide. People like that it has a full range of services and a lot of online moving tools and guides. Since it began in 2000, IVL has helped more than half a million people.


  • Loading unloading
  • Crating
  • Packing Unpacking
  • Heavy-item moving
  • Debris removal
  • Packing
  • Local
  • Long distance
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Storage
  • Piano moving
  • Unpacking


When you book a move with IVL, you’ll pay for it in three separate payments. First, you’ll have to pay a 25% payment right away. The following payment is due when you pick up the item, and the last payment is due when the item is delivered. Remember that you can get your deposit back in full if you cancel at least 48 hours before your planned pickup.

People can immediately use IVL’s online moving calculator to get a rough price. You must talk to the company directly to get a more accurate quote. You can also ask for discounts for older adults moving and those in the military.


  • Offers affordable full-coverage insurance
  • Offers transparent prices with no hidden charges
  • Has licenses for ocean and air freight for foreign moves


  • A 25% payment is needed to book



Trend Moving & Storage

Trend Moving & Storage is considered the best interstate movers in New Hampshire. They are committed to making the moving process more manageable, less stressful, and more fun. They have helped people and businesses move locally and long distances for years, so they know that moving can be upsetting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can count on them to make your move a pleasant experience, whether you need them to move an oversized item across the hall or to help you pack up and move into a new home.


  • Furniture moving
  • Packing, unpacking, & crating
  • Furniture assembly
  • Long distance moving
  • Partial packing services
  • Full packing services
  • Storage services
  • Piano moving
  • Commercial services
  • Local moving
  • Packing supplies
  • Large and heavy items moving
  • Senior moving
  • Virtual consultations


Moving is easy with Trend Moving & Storage. They don’t tell you to give extra or deposit any money before moving. You have to call them to book, and then one of their friendly sales consultants will provide you with a free moving quote. And make sure your moving day is set. On a moving day, they will show up on time, ready to work hard, and ensure you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • Available free quote
  • Professional and friendly
  • Damage cover


  • Charges extra fees



G Grant Movers

G Grant Movers LLC has been helping people and businesses move in and around Manchester, New Hampshire, for over 50 years. Their company tries to give you fast service, pay attention to the details, and charge you a fair price. They aim to give their customers the most skilled, polite, high-quality service and work. They help people who are moving to a new home in the same city or town and can also help people who are moving across the state.


  • Loading & unloading of rental trucks
  • Home staging
  • Piano moving services
  • Local & statewide moving
  • Inner house moves
  • Small office moves
  • Junk removal services
  • Insured loads


For booking, you do not need to pay in advance and do not require a deposit. You can take a free quote online or by phone call. They also offer to pay in cash or accept credit cards.


  • Provide prompt, professional services
  • Offer a free estimate
  • Over 50 years of business


  • Little pricey



How to avoid scams when traveling long distances?

Not a good sign if the company you hired is listed on the rental truck and uses the rental company’s US DOT number. Ensure they will come in their vehicle unless it’s a busy time. Currently, businesses rent cars, but they still need to use their US DOT number.

The most important thing to do before you sign the papers is to find out which company will make the move. It has to stay out of sight. Please find out the name of the company and the rules for doing business with it. It’s important to know that the information you agreed to over the phone will be the same as the contract you will sign.

We know this is a small moving tip, but this is how you find the best interstate movers in New Hampshire.

Please remember that long-distance moving companies can work up to 11 hours daily. Don’t trust this company if they give you arrival times that are too long or too short. All cars in the US are only allowed to drive for 11 hours a day, which includes a 30-minute break.

Even if the price is lower, go with a company that says it will deliver after a short time, like two months. They are traders and may sell your personal information and information about your employees to someone else. In this case, nobody will be to blame if something breaks or gets destroyed.

Things that affect how much a moving company charges

Some of the things that affect the total cost are:


If you have pianos, art, antiques, or heavy machines that need special care or equipment to move, this could add to the cost of your move.


Last, moving prices can change based on the time of year. Most people move between May and September, which is peak driving season. Moving services may cost more during this time because more people are moving.

Services on top of that

Costs for other services are generally added to the base moving rate. Packing services can add several hundred dollars to your moving budget, and storage fees depend on how much space you need and how long.

How far the move is

One of the most important factors is the distance between where the trip starts and ends. Long-distance moves often cost more because they take more gas, time, and planning.

Complexity Move

Things like many flights of stairs, long distances to carry, narrow streets or halls, or taking things apart and putting them back together can make a move harder and cost more.

Our Final Thought

We reviewed the best interstate movers in New Hampshire. So choose anyone from our list if you want to move without stress. These all provide the best service in New Hampshire and the USA.


You may read our reviews and check out the best interstate movers in New Hampshire from our list.

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