Best 5 Interstate Movers In Idaho 2024

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BuzzMoving gives you a list of the best interstate movers in Idaho, ID. These teams of skilled movers can help you with all aspects of your cross-country move, including packing, loading the furniture onto the truck, and putting things together when they get to their new home. The best-rated movers on our site have creative ways to deal with any business problems you may have or think you have. With their large number of trucks and top-of-the-line tools, you can be sure that these moving pros can handle any move.

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List of 5 Best Interstate Movers In Idaho

We checked out all of the moving companies in Idaho and chose the five best ones. Our study team looked at each moving company’s services, reliability, pros, and cons to determine the best ones. Our list will be helpful to you.

International Van Lines

International Van Lines stands out among moving companies in Idaho because it can do many things. IVL can help with all kinds of moves, from small, local ones to big, cross-country ones. IVL can arrange activities to and from more than 150 countries because it is both a carrier and a broker with ocean and air freight licenses.

International Van Lines’s move includes:

  • Packing, unloading, moving, and taking apart and putting together basic furniture
  • The company also offers a full range of extra moving services, such as transporting your car
  • Storing your things while your move progresses
  • IVL sells the materials you need to pack or offers a full-service packing service

IVL requires a 25% deposit, which you can get back if you stop at least 48 hours ahead. The company lists all extra fees on its website, such as stair and lift fees. On request, discounts may be offered for seniors and people in the military.

With International Van Lines online moving tool, customers can get an estimate of costs right away. Talk to the company personally for a detailed assessment and send a virtual walk-through video using its software.


  • Offers air and sea freight for foreign moves
  • Offers updates on the progress of shipments via email or a tracking portal
  • They are one of the few moving companies that can handle long-distance moves with short notice


  • The website includes a clear list of all fees



North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines (NAVL) makes your move to Idaho easy. The company has more than 2,700 trucks in its fleet, and its drivers get qualified every year. Also, if something does happen to your stuff, you can use NAVL’s online form to make a claim. Its website makes finding the documents for domestic and foreign shares easy, and you can call or email the company’s claims support team.

North American Van Lines’s move includes:

  • The most fantastic thing that NAVL has to offer is its “white-glove” moving service 
  • This service includes packing, moving, cleaning, hanging pictures, and putting furniture in the right place 
  • Putting together a home gym and setting up an entertainment system
  • NAVL removes trash, sells moving supplies, stores things, and transfers cars

For local moves, NAVL charges a flat rate per hour. The company offers two free moving quotes for long-distance moves: instant ballpark prices and binding estimates. Binding estimates require a phone conversation or a virtual walk-through of the home, and they have a bottom-line price or a price that can’t go higher than that.


  • Provides real-time shipment tracking through WorldTrac
  • Offers not-to-exceed or minimum pricing
  • Provides complete white-glove relocation services


  • Does not accept credit cards everywhere



Allied Van Lines

With all the best interstate movers in Idaho, Allied van lines are one of them. Allied Van Lines is the finest moving company for moves involving the transportation of vehicles. Unlike most moving companies, Allied operates an open and enclosed carrier fleet. The company can transport Everything from jet skis and snowmobiles to classic automobiles, motorcycles, and yachts.

Allied Van Lines’s move includes:

  • Moves pets, puts together furniture, stores things, and sells tools for packing
  • Vehicle relocation services
  • Customers can self-pack
  • Fragile Items with packing services
  • Unpacking is also provided
  • Some services, including housekeeping
  • Appliance installations are outsourced to third parties

Allied does require an up-front retainer. Customers have the option of requesting either a non-binding or binding estimate. The latter necessitates an in-person or online consultation. Get a personalized estimate from Allied Van Lines.


  • Internally handles vehicle transportation
  • Provide relocation services for pets
  • Offers both temporary and permanent storage


  • Not open on weekends for customer service



Big Boy Movers

In 2009, Big Boy Movers began. Big Boy Movers knows how hard it can be to move to a new home. All of them hire the most hardworking and kind people in the area. They are hardworking people who know how important your time and money are. Big Boy Movers is a family-run business that has expanded quickly since it began. This is because they are honest with their customers and do good work. You tell Big Boy Movers where to put it, and they do it.

Big Boy Movers’ move includes:

  • Moves for older people or people who need help
  • Employee relocation
  • Home transitions, business/commercial moves, and long-distance services


  • Everything is carefully handled; they cared extra for more fragile items.
  • Very responsible, punctual, incredibly efficient, and flexible
  • Providing an excellent estimate


  • No storage service offer



BustNMoves Moving Company 

BustNMoves is a moving company that helps people move locally and across the state. They also offer skilled packing services. BustNMoves Moving Company, which serves Idaho Falls, is a full-service moving company that makes it easy for families and businesses to move. They are a moving company in Eastern and Southern Idaho that is licensed and protected. In our world, you can find condos, apartments, offices, and homes of all kinds and sizes.

BustNMoves Moving Company offers:

  • Commercial services
  • Furniture moving
  • Local moving
  • Some extra services they offer include 
  • Packing supplies
  • Furniture and assembly
  • Also, move large and heavy items with complete and partial packing services.


  • Very organized moving company
  • Online quotes available
  • Fully licensed and protected


  • Not many reviews online



What You Should Know Before Choosing The Best Interstate Movers In Idaho

It is common for moving estimates to entice people who are looking for the best interstate movers in Idaho. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the decision should not be based solely on price, as there are numerous other factors to consider.

Here are some things to think about before you hire a moving company in Idaho:

Check the switch

Ensure that the moving company you hire has always done everything correctly. Most movers with bad reputations change their names to avoid legal trouble. Because of this, it is essential to avoid hiring a mover that has changed its name in the past few years. Read customer reviews of a moving company before hiring them to ensure this is true. Only hire a moving company that has good reviews.

Hire a carrier who is licensed and authorized.

After filing with the U.S. Department of Transportation, everyone transporting goods across state lines must get a license. Hire a moving company only after you’ve asked about its services and obtained the necessary information. You can also look at the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) page to see if it is accredited.

Hire a suitable carrier.

The Idaho moving company that takes on the transfer job must have been in business for at least five years, which has many benefits. A good moving company will hire people who handle heavy and fragile things. Your house may have furniture that needs to be taken apart and carried through a small space before it can be put on the truck. It may be essential to get back together at the new house. Only skilled workers who use different tools can do the job.

You can only expect a new moving company to be able to handle these kinds of jobs if they have trained staff and the right tools.

Find out what the service is

You should choose a moving company based on the service you need since some companies only make moves across state lines, and others only make local moves. Moving companies also help people move locally or across state lines. The type of your move should help you choose a moving company.

Many people think that for local moves, foreign movers are better than local movers. But that’s not true. Instead, a local moving company is usually better at getting your household items to their destination. Choose an Idaho moving company based on how good their service is.

Coverage type

Even if a moving company says your household items are free, you should know there is still a risk. And to cover this, most reputable moving companies offer free insurance. Even though free insurance might not cover a significant accident, it will give you peace of mind while carrying. The free insurance also shows how much the company cares about protecting your possessions.

Transparent quote

Make sure that the price you get is clear. Most honest moving companies will provide a precise quote, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. Some dishonest companies, on the other hand, hide costs in their estimates, which is a bad thing to do. This can come as a surprise on the day of the move when the company demands additional payment for flimsy reasons, such as the lack of a lift or having a small item to prepare. In addition to disrupting your relocation budget, it will also cause emotional distress.


Finding long-distance movers can be a smooth endeavor. Buzzmoving has compiled a list of the best interstate movers in Idaho to make your relocation as simple and stress-free as possible. Always investigate the reliability and experience of the local moving company you select for your next move. Expressly, the company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding consumer feedback, services provided, and location 

By hiring one of the moving companies we recommend, you can rest assured that your family’s relocation will go off without a hitch. These best interstate movers in Idaho will provide a free estimate to move you into your ideal home.

You may read our reviews and check out the best interstate movers in Idaho from our list.

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