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How to Pack Shoes for Moving | 7 Simple Ways to Try

March 5, 2020

Most of us have a common understanding of How to pack shoes for moving that it is kind of a nightmare. In fact, it really is. No matter if you’re relocating in the same area or to a different place. Packing up the goods of your entire life is one of the most tiring and time-consuming tasks that sometimes seem like climbing Everest. But settling into your new space and unpacking all boxes is even worse and everyone feels bad to find the favorite tops wrinkled or those expensive heels broke just because of careless packing (Click here to read our guide best way to pack clothes for moving).

You’ve probably spent so many years on your collection of amazing shoes, so you must want to know how to pack shoes for moving easily and effectively in order to protect their excellent condition through the move. 

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Shoes can pose a pretty conundrum in terms of moving. They’re cumbersome, are available a variety of styles and sizes, and are usually dirty in addition (pun supposed). Still, your footwear must come with you to your new home, and that they’re not going to walk there themselves. Packing shoes for moving takes a chunk of ingenuity and much time, however, it’s not anymore complex than packing up the alternative items in your closet. These hacks will take the guesswork out of packing footwear, allowing you to get the challenge done rapidly so that you can pay attention to other unruly items in your house.

Stuff Each Shoe with a Pair of Socks

If you want your shoes to be in shape throughout your moving process, take a rolled-up pair of socks and stuff it down in the shoes. Depending on the shape and fashion of the shoes, you may also want to add any other pair of socks in the heel properly for keeping the shape intact. This simple trick will protect your shoes from getting smashed in transit and this hack does double benefits as it gets your socks packed too at the same time. If you are too late to do this and have already packed your socks, you can add stuff your shoes with plastic wrap and smooth packing paper.

Dispose of Those You Don’t Use

You may have got lots of footwear in your closet that you haven’t worn in years. So why bother picking them up? Instead of packing footwear which might be simply going to get shoved aside in your new home, get a way to get rid of them in this chance of moving.

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You may opt to donate the used footwear in the right circumstance, or you can also drop them off at local goodwill or any charitable organization that can use them for a noble cause. And if you don’t find the shoes anymore in the exact situation, make sure to recycle them well instead of just throwing them inside the bin.

Pack Up the Better Pairs Individually

You’re probably not too worried about that old pair of sneakers getting stained or damaged during the moving process, but it’s completely the opposite for an expensive or brand new pair of heels or your perfectly shined loafers, right? You may protect your favorite shoes by boxing them up individually along with packing paper wrapped around them to keep them intact and in place. If you didn’t keep the boxes in which the shoes came in, still there is no problem. You may purchase basic cardboard shoe boxes in multi-packs as well as use small plastic bins too.

Tie Sneakers Together With the Help of the Laces

For footwear such as sneakers, which can be likely just going to get thrown in a box or other sort of container together, you may hold the pairs intact through tying their laces together. This way, you won’t be digging through the pile attempting to find a shoe’s fit when you discover yourself in want of a pair before you’ve completely unpacked.

Pack Some Essential Pairs in Their Very Own Box

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Footwear is now not the first thing to be unboxed nowadays. We keep 2/3 necessary pairs which are enough for everyday use. Then you unpack the remaining shoes. For example, a pair of sneakers, flip flops for summer/boots for winter are usually adequate for daily life purposes. A week can be easily passed with footwear. This allows you to get a week’s time to unpack the heavier shoes. As the heavier ones will be in their boxes, the condition will also remain intact at the same time.

Pack Out of Seasonal Shoes Separately 

Shoes are usually at the last things of the unpacking schedule, so there’s no motive to waste time unpacking out of seasonal shoes while there’s a lot of other things to do. If you’re moving during the summer season, sort out things like winter weather boots and comfortable slippers/flip flops. If you’re moving in the winter season, set apart a separate box for slippers and flip flops. Mark the box in reality, and don’t worry in case you don’t become getting round to it within the first few weeks of your shifting.

Use Tea Bags to Keep Your Footwear Fresh

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You should keep your shoes out in the open air a day before packing them. This will help to avoid any sort of bad odors from the footwear. For footwear that has an obvious unpleasant scent, you can try sticking them within the freezer, so one can kill any latent microorganism dwelling in them. And in terms of retaining footwear clean throughout the entire moving, you may use unused tea bags in them. You may simply place them under the socks which will help to get rid of odors. 

So these were some of the best ways to pack shoes for moving which you may experiment with. It’s pretty normal that you have wondered how to pack your shoes while shifting. But relocating is not a nightmare anymore as some simple tricks and tips will help you make the complete moving process a bit easier.