Find the Best Refrigerator Movers Near You – In Detailed Review

Are you looking for refrigerator movers near you? If you are, professional refrigerator movers can be very useful. Moving a refrigerator is really a hard and risky task. That’s why it is really important to hire professional refrigerator movers. They have the experience and proper tools to move a huge refrigerator safely. 


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List Of Professional Refrigerator Movers Near You


For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the finest professional refrigerator movers. They have proper equipment and experience. Remember that this is not a complete list. We have the largest moving network across the nation. Get the best refrigerator movers in just 60s by pressing this Quote Button.



refrigerator movers near me


American Van Lines

American van lines were established in 1967 in Miami. Ever since then, they’ve been there for their clients with nothing but the best. Their licenses and insurance are up to date. They are the best choice for any move, whether it’s across town or across the country. They’ve got all the gear they need to transport cargo. Aside from residential properties, they also relocate businesses and their equipment.

Source: American Van Lines



  • Services offered by American Van Lines include local moves, international relocations, and storage options.
  • They employ a crew of skilled movers who have experience with every imaginable relocation scenario.
  • They’ve made a name for themselves by consistently exceeding customer expectations with professional service at reasonable rates.
  • Additional services include packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and delicate item care.
  • They offer a variety of boxes and packing supplies to keep your belongings safe during transport.



  • Some customers have complained about American Van Lines’ poor communication, which includes things like being kept in the dark about the whereabouts of their shipment.


Safeway Moving


Veterans operate and control the company Safeway Moving Inc. They are qualified to provide their moving services since they have the required certifications and insurance policies in place. This organization offers relocation services both in the local and long-distance realms. They may legally help people move anywhere in the United States. They can help you relocate your business or home. The business is also adept at transporting industrial and domestic equipment. Hiring them to relocate your belongings means you can relax knowing they will be handled with care.

Source: Safeway Moving



  • Customers who have used Safeway Moving’s services in the past have nothing but good things to say about the company’s movers.
  • Safeway Moving’s low rates have earned them praise from customers, who say they are more reasonable than those of competitors they considered.
  • Relocating can be stressful, but customers who hired Safeway Moving said the company’s team was helpful every step of the way.
  • Customers have praised Safeway Moving for delivering their belongings on time and for being flexible enough to meet their unique needs.




  • Some customers have complained that they were charged unexpectedly high fees or surcharges by the company.


North American Van Lines


It was in 1933 when North American Van Line first opened for business as a moving and storage company. Their services include moving to and from other states as well as local moves. The company’s pleasant and helpful personnel are there whenever you need them. Their moving team is unparalleled in quality. Plus, there’s a monitoring system in place that keeps tabs on every vehicle. The company provides a dependable delivery service for home appliances. Everything you own will safely arrive at its destination.


Source: North American Van Lines




  • North American Van Lines provides local, interstate, and international moves, as well as warehousing services.
  • The company owns and operates a sizable fleet of clean, reliable moving trucks and vans.
  • The movers at North American Van Lines are highly skilled professionals who know how to efficiently and carefully move your belongings from one location to another.
  • Goods in transit are fully insured by the company.
  • North American Van Lines is a trusted company that has earned accreditation from the BBB.
  • All sorts of pricing tiers are available, so you can find something that works within your price range.




  • When compared to local movers, North American Van Lines’ rates are on the higher end, and their international and long-distance moving services are even more pricey.


Phoenix Van Lines


One of the greatest options for moving companies is Phoenix van lines. They have been in the business of helping people relocate for quite some time now, both at home and at work. You may also rely on them to transport your vehicle. Their movers have credentials. They provide long-distance and local moves with full coverage. They have adequate employees available at all times and provide round-the-clock assistance to customers. Therefore, phoenix van lines is a great choice.


Source: Phoenix Van Lines




  • Provides both local and long-distance moving services.
  • The comparatively cheap moving company according to the service
  • Fast relocation service provider.




  • They are not too professional as they little bit new in the moving industry.



Allied Van Lines


Allied Van Lines is a major player in the moving industry. As movers, they’ve been in business since 1928. They provide a wide range of assistance around the nation. They can help with any kind of move, from packing to transporting your belongings, whether it’s a home or business one, across the country or across the globe. Online quotes, a tracking service, and a variety of storage choices round out the suite of offerings. 


Source: Allied Van Lines




  • All your storage needs can be met by Allied Van Lines, which offers a wide variety of moving services, including long-distance and international relocations.
  • The business operates a fleet of clean and reliable moving trucks and vans.
  • The movers at Allied Van Lines are skilled professionals who have undergone extensive training to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your belongings.
  • Goods in transit are fully insured by the company.
  • Allied Van Lines is a reputable company that has been recognized by organizations like the American Moving & Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau.




  • Customers have complained that the company’s service estimates are sometimes higher than those of competing movers.
  • The online tracking system is not always reliable, according to some customers who have complained to the company.


Two friends Movers


For the last 12 years, Two Friends Movers has served the local community as a trusted moving company. We confirmed their credibility. They are the best in the area when it comes to moving large appliances for both homes and businesses. They have an hourly fee that they will apply.


Source: Two Friends Movers




  • Provides packing, assemble & disassemble services.
  • Provides local & long-distance moving services.
  • Safe & secure moving.




  • Does not move the pool table.
  • Long-distance moves are limited to 500 miles.


Tony’s Movers


Tony’s Moving and Storage has been operating for 14 years. They have been checked out and given the appropriate credentials. They promise low prices for their services. As well as being among the top companies for moving large and/or heavy appliances, they excel at what they do.


Source: Tony’s Movers




  • Maintains all safety measures.
  • Offers reasonable prices.




  • Does not accept credit cards.


Smart People Moving 


Smart people moving have been doing moving business for 3 years. And they’ve made a name for themselves as a top-tier relocation service in a hurry. They also excel at transporting large electronic devices. When you choose them, you’ll be able to take advantage of their expertise in both residential and business relocations. Asking for a discount might result in a favorable response.


Source: Smart People Moving




  • They have become famous in recent years.
  • Provides discount offers.




  • Does not move the piano and pool table.




Why should you Hire Professional Refrigerator Movers?


Moving large, awkward items like pianos, almirahs, and refrigerators can be challenging. They are heavy and have several sections that need particular maintenance. They can easily sustain damage that is irreparable while being transported to your home if you are not properly taught (like carrying them up the stairs).


You could even unintentionally hurt yourself from minor slips or from carrying objects that are too heavy for you. As a result, you shouldn’t gamble when transferring such pricey items. Because they are specialists, they are familiar with moving methods.


Therefore, it is best to use qualified heavy equipment movers. They’ll know how to handle device parts and protect your belongings. They have the necessary tools, including dollies, heavy-duty appliance sliders, and rollers with brakes. These pieces of equipment are crucial for lifting large equipment. Even if you are relocating your own devices, you will need these tools to disassemble them and reinstall them safely and correctly. You need to be fully informed about the process. Without the necessary information, you run the risk of gravely harming yourself or breaking pricey equipment.


Once you hire a moving company, the mover will visit your home with all the necessary special equipment, including packing materials, furniture straps, etc. After packing in padded blankets, their moving van will safely load your belongings.

To prevent movement inside the truck, long-distance moving companies frequently pack numerous distinct moving pieces of furniture into a single vehicle. This will lessen the chance of your belongings accidentally falling down and causing harm.



Refrigerator movers are essential when you move a large fridge from one place to another. Sometimes you have to move to an upper floor of a building by stairs, and that is very risky and tough work. So, it is best to get help from professional movers and remain risk-free.




Q: How much does it cost to move a refrigerator?

A: Generally, moving a fridge might cost from $100 to 250$. Some professional movers may charge based on the hour or on the weight of the fridge.


Q: Can two people move a refrigerator?

A: Yes, two people can move a fridge that weighs from 200 to 400 pounds.

Helpful Resources

To Make your move painless and avoid stress, read our helpful tips and guides.

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